"The Battle City Finals" is the twenty third volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the sixteenth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel138 Duel 138 One Card of Life and Death! 生死の一枚!
Seishi no Ichimai!
One Card of Life or Death!
YGODDuel139 Duel 139 Friends till the End 友情に向けて撃て!!
Yūjou ni Mukete Ute!!
Attack Our Friendship!!
YGODDuel140 Duel 140 The Treasure ボク達の宝
Boku-tachi no Takara
Our Treasure
YGODDuel141 Duel 141 The Courage to See 見ることの勇気
Mirukoto no Yūki
The Courage to See
x100px Duel 142 Warriors Assemble -
The Final Challengers
Duel 143 The Eight Finalists 闘技場の者たち
Tōgi-ba no Mono-tachi
Our Arena
Duel 144 The First Enemy! 1回目の敵!!
Tōgi-ba no Mono-tachi
Ichi-Kai menokataki!!
YGODDuel145 Duel 145 The Thing in the Dark 潜む者!!
Hisomu Mono!!
Hidden Person!!
YGODDuel146 Duel 146 The Undying Grudge! 怨念の魂!!
On'nen no Tamashī!!
Soul of Grudge!!