"Double Duel" is the twenty first volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the fourteenth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 120 Full Strength!! 全力で行け!!
Zenryoku de Ike!!
Go All-out!!
Duel 121 Return of the Sea Scourge 海の恐怖再び!!
Umi no Kyōfu Futatabi!!
Fear of the New Sea!!
Duel 122 Conquer the Sea!! 海攻略!!
Umi Kōryaku!!
Sea Strategy!!
Duel 123 A Warrior's Gamble!! 戦士に賭けよ!
Senshi ni Kakeyo!
Betting on the Warrior!
Duel 124 The Reason for Dueling 決闘の理由
Kettō no Riyū
Reason of the Duel
Duel 125 Arena of Death!! 死の決闘場!!
Shi no Kettō Ba!!
Duel Field of Death!!
Duel 126 Awaken the Gods!! 神よ よみがえれ!!
Kami yo Yomigaere!!
Revive God!!
Duel 127 Monsters Unite!! 結束の怪物!!
Kessoku no Kaibutsu!!
Monsters of Teamwork!!
Duel 128 Teamwork 本当の結束!!
Hontō no Kessoku!!
True Teamwork!!

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