"Slifer the Sky Dragon" is the twentieth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the thirteenth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel111 Duel 111 Nearer to God 迫りくる神!!
Shirikuru Kami!!
Nearer to God!!
YGODDuel112 Duel 112 Fight of the Millennium! 千年の対決!!
Sennen no Taiketsu!!
Showdown of the Millennium!!
YGODDuel113 Duel 113 Summon the Nightmare 悪夢召喚
Akumu Shoukan
Summon the Nightmare
YGODDuel114 Duel 114 Combo of Despair!! 絶望のコンボ!!
Zetsubou no Konbo!!
Combo of Despair!!
Duel 115 The Combo of God!! 絶望のコンボ!!
Zetsubō no Konbo!!
Duel 116 A Duelist's Power 決闘者の可能性
Kettomono no Kanōsei
Duelist Potential
Duel 117 God Falls!? 神堕つ!?
Kami Tatsu?!
God is Being Deprived?!
Duel 118 Attack that Opponent! その敵を撃て!!
Sono Teki wo Ute!!
Attack That Opponent!!
Duel 119 Each Other's Duel! それぞれの決闘!!
Sorezore no Kettō!!
Each Other's Duel!!