"The Shadow of Marik" is the eighteenth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the eleventh volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 93 Battle City Begins! BCを駆けろ!!
Batoru Shiti o Kakero!!
YGODDuel094 Duel 94 Duel of Vengeance! 奴を許すな!!
Yatsu o Yurusu na!!
Unforgivable Person!!
Dark Yugi Duels the Rare Hunter to win back "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and return it to Jonouchi.
Duel 95 To Destroy a Deck 崩れゆくデッキ!?
Kuzure Yuku Dekki! ?
Crumbling Deck!?
Duel 96 Millennium Battle 千年の闘い
Mireniamu Batoru
Duel 97 Esper Roba 超能力ちょうのうりょくて!!
Chōnōryoku o Ute!!
Attack the Psychic Powers!!
Duel 98 Psycho Deck! サイコデッキ猛攻!!
Saiko Dekki Mōkō! !
Psycho Deck Onslaught!!
Duel 99 A Brave Gamble! 勇気ある賭け!!
Yūkiaru Kake!!
A Brave Gamble!!
Duel 100 Behold the God! 神を見よ!!
Kami wo Miyo!!
Behold the God!!
Duel 101 Marik Strikes! マリク動く!!
Mariku Ugoku!!
Marik Moves!!

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