"Dungeon Dice Monsters" is the sixteenth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the ninth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
Duelist 75 Duel 75 The New Game 新遊戯
Nyū Gēmu
The New Game
The Black Clown game store opened across the street from Kame Game, causing Sugoroku to worry about going out of business. Meanwhile, Ryuji Otogi has transferred to Domino High School.
Duelist 76 Duel 76 Rigged! 仕組まれた罠
Shikumimareta Wana
Set-Up Trap
Ryuji plays Four Aces with Jonouchi, while Yugi suspects that the game is not as fair as it seems.
Duelist 77 Duel 77 D.D.M.!! D・D・D!!
Dī Dī Dī
The Black Clown game store releases a new game, D.D.M., which makes everybody in town line up to buy it. Yugi and his friends go to the store to check it out as well, but Yugi is lured by Mr. Clown, who seeks revenge for losing to Yugi's grandfather, and set up to play D.D.M. with his son, Ryuji, who is none other than the creator of the game.
Duelist 78 Duel 78 The Path of Darkness! 暗闇の道!!
Kurayami no Michi!!
The Path of Darkness!!
Yugi is forced to face Ryuji in a D.D.M. match. However, Ryuji holds an overwhelming advantage being the creator of the game, and immediately takes the lead against Yugi, who can't count on his other self without his Millennium Puzzle.
Duelist 79 Duel 79 Dungeon Crisis!! ダンジョンクライシス!!
Danjon Kuraishisu!!
Dungeon Crisis!!
Yugi is in a crisis against Ryuji. When he was about to lose hope, Ryuji reveals his reasons, reafirming Yugi's resolve.
Duelist 80 Duel 80 Rare vs. Rare! レアVSレア!!
Rea Bāsasu Rea!!
Rare VS Rare!!
Yugi keeps struggling against Ryuji. Ryuji seems to have completely cornered Yugi when he blocks Yugi's path, but Yugi takes advantage of Ryuji's own rare black die and turns the tables.
Duelist 81 Duel 81 The Broken Bond 壊れた絆!!
Kowareta Kizuna!!
The Broken Bond!!
Yugi and Ryuji are having a balanced match. Not standing seeing Sugoroku's grandson giving his son a hard time, Mr. Clown shows up and interferes, undoing Yugi's Millennium Puzzle right in front of him.
Duelist 82 Duel 82 The Calling of the Powers 呼び合う力
Yobiau Chikara
Yugi breaks down seeing his Millennium Puzzle beign undone by Mr. Clown, but Ryuji tells his father to stay out of it, because the match was between him and Yugi. Yugi recomposes himself in order to continue the game and obtain his Millennium Puzzle back, but Ryuji turns the tables and corners Yugi once more. At that time, Dark Bakura shows up.
Duelist 83 Duel 83 Solve the Puzzle!! パズルを解け!!
Pazuru wo Toke!!
Solve the Puzzle!!
Yugi seems to be in a hopeless situation. Considering himself the winner already, Ryuji trives to solve the undone Millennium Puzzle, but seems not to be able to. Bakura declares that no one can solve the Puzzle besides Yugi, and that he will be the winner of this game.