"Yugi vs. Pegasus" is the fifteenth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the eighth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!DDuel065 Duel 65 Its Time! その時!!
Sono Toki!!
After defeating several strong opponents, Yugi and Jonouchi finally reach Pegsasus. The time has come to the Duelist Kingdom's final confrontation.
YuGiOh!DDuel066 Duel 66 Seen Through!? 読まれてる!?
Seen Through!?
The final Duel of the Duelist Kingdom begins. Yugi and Pegasus clash, with Pegasus beginning the Duel in the lead.
YuGiOh!DDuel067 Duel 67 The Perfect Defense 反撃不能!!
Hangeki Funou!!
Unable to Counterattack!!
Pegsasus' Millennium Eye allows him to read through all of Yugi's cards and strategies, making him able to counter every move Yugi makes.
YuGiOh!DDuel068 Duel 68 Do the Impossible! 不可能への挑戦!!
Fukanou e no Chōsen!!
Do the Impossible!!
Pegasus corners Yugi completely by using his trump card - "Toon World". When Yugi seems to be hopeless, a way to counter Pegasus' Millennium Eye shows up.
YuGiOh!DDuel069 Duel 69 The Downfall of Toon World トゥーン・ワールド攻略!!
Tūn Wārudo Kōryaku!!
The Capture of Toon World!!
Yugi and Dark Yugi manage to counter Pegsasus's Millennium Eye by constantly switching minds. With Pegasus unable to read though his strategies, Yugi manages a comeback and annihilates Pegasus' Toon Monsters.
YuGiOh!DDuel070 Duel 70 The Sacrifice! 死への生け贄!
Shi e no Ikenie!
The Death Sacrifice!
Yugi seemed to have dominated the Duel, but Pegsasus turns it into a Shadow Game, putting the normal Yugi in danger, as he takes the lead once more with his "Relinquished".
YuGiOh!DDuel071 Duel 71 Heart to Heart 心の闘い!!
Kokoro no Tatakai!!
Battle of Hearts!!
Pegasus manages to take the normal Yugi out, and tries to corner Dark Yugi with his "Sacrifice Combo" and the power of his Millennium Eye. However, the connection between Yugi's and his friend's hearts allow Yugi to turn the tables using the card his other self left to him.
YuGiOh!DDuel072 Duel 72 Attack of Chaos 混沌の一撃!!
Konton no Ichigeki!!
Attack of Chaos!!
Using the card his other self left to him, Dark Yugi finally manages to defeat Pegasus.
YuGiOh!DDuel073 Duel 73 The Tragic Tale of the Millennium Eye 哀しみの千年眼
Kanashimi no Mireniamu Ai
The Sorrowful Millennium Eye
The Duel between Yugi and Pegasus is finally settled. In the aftermath, Yugi and his friends are told by Pegasus about his tragic history.
YuGiOh!DDuel074 Duel 74 The Precious Piece 大切なピース
Taisetsu no Pīsu
The Precious Piece