"The Terror of Toon World" is the thirteenth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the sixth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!DDuel047 Duel 47 Another Kind of Courage もう一人の勇気
Mō hitori no Yūki
Another Courage
Having lost to Kaiba, Yugi struggles with how to work with Dark Yugi, while Mai attempts to repay her debt.
Battle107cover Duel 48 To the Castle! 城へ!!
Shiro e!!
To the Castle!!
Yugi and Jonouchi enter Pegasus' castle with Mai, where they find Bandit Keith already inside. Kaiba prepares to Duel Pegasus.
Battle108cover Duel 49 The First Stages of Fear! 恐怖開始!!
Kyōfu Kaishi!!
Fear Begins!!
YuGiOh!DDuel050 Duel 50 The Deadly Duelist King! 王者の恐怖!!
Ōja no Kyōfu!!
Terror of the King!!
YuGiOh!DDuel051 Duel 51 Toons Attack! トゥーンが襲う!!
Tūn ga osou!!
The Toon Attacks!!
YuGiOh!DDuel052 Duel 52 The Promise 揺るがぬ決意!!
Yuruganu Ketsui!!
Unwavering determination!!
YuGiOh!DDuel053 Duel 53 The Eve of Battle 決戦前夜
Kessen Zenya
The Eve of Battle
YuGiOh!DDuel054 Duel 54 Stealth in the Night! 夜 渦まく!!
Yoru Uzumaku!!
Swirling Night!!
YGODDuel055 Duel 55 The Bewitching Mai 幻惑の舞!!
Genwaku no Mai!!
The Bewitching Mai!!
The final four Duelists ready themselves and Mai and Dark Yugi start their Duel.