The cards included in the following Decks and Packs are only available via IAP. Buying the respective Deck/Packs will unlock all cards included in their list. You get 1 copies of each card in deck and 3 copies of each card in the pack.


These pre-built STRUCTURE DECKS come with the recipe and all cards to complete it. They are tournament worthy, as is, or you can customize them with other cards from your collection. There are more than 50 cards in each deck!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck (4.99 USD)
Dark Magician Deck (4.99 USD)
Lightsworn Deck (4.99 USD)
Prophecy Deck (4.99 USD)
Gishki Deck (4.99 USD)
Fire Fist Deck (4.99 USD)
Constellar Deck (4.99 USD)
Elemental HERO Deck (4.99 USD)
Ice Barrier Deck (4.99 USD)
Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck (4.99 USD)
Gem Knight Deck (4.99 USD)
Six Samurai Deck (4.99 USD)
Dragunity Deck (4.99 USD)
Cyber Dragon Deck (4.99 USD)
Ancient Gear Deck (4.99 USD)
Naturia Deck (4.99 USD)
Blackwing Deck (4.99 USD)
Jurrac Deck (4.99 USD)
Wind-Up Deck (4.99 USD)
Stardust Dragon Deck (4.99 USD)
Galaxy-Eyes Deck (4.99 USD)
Karakuri Deck (4.99 USD)
Gladiator Beast Deck (4.99 USD)
Evilswarm Deck (4.99 USD)
Atlantean Mermail Deck (4.99 USD)
Infernity Deck (4.99 USD)
Flamvell Deck (4.99 USD)
Bujin Deck (4.99 USD)
Gagaga Deck (4.99 USD)


PREMIUM CARD PACKS provide a "punch" to your card collection, giving you the pieces to build a super strong deck for online play or to knock out a difficult opponent in Campaign Mode. You get 3 copies of each cards in the pack.

Duel Generation has more than 70 different Premium card packs for purchase, from Archfiends to X-Sabres! In order to make browsing easier, we will reduce the number of Packs available; however, we will be rotating packs in and out of the store on a frequent basis.

Utopia Pack (3.99 USD)
Madolche Pack (3.99 USD)
Exodia Pack (3.99 USD)
Gravekeeper's Pack (3.99 USD)
Ghostrick Pack (3.99 USD)
Mecha Phantom Beast Pack (3.99 USD)
Heroic Pack (3.99 USD)
Fire King Avatar Pack (3.99 USD)
Herald Lightray Pack (3.99 USD)

Chronomaly Pack (3.99 USD)

Ally of Justice Pack (3.99 USD)
Machina Geargia Pack (3.99 USD)
Raviel Pack (3.99 USD)
LV 7 Pack (3.99 USD)

Cloudian Pack (3.99 USD)

Laval Pack (3.99 USD)
Noble Knight Pack (3.99 USD)
Arcane Force Pack (3.99 USD)

Shark Pack (3.99 USD)

Djin Pack (3.99 USD)

Fleur Pack (3.99 USD)
Dark World Pack (3.99 USD)
Hieratic Dragon Pack (3.99 USD)
Monarch Pack (3.99 USD)
Obelisk the Tormentor Pack (3.99 USD)
Destiny HERO Pack (3.99 USD)
The Winged Dragon of Ra Pack (3.99 USD)
Slifer the Sky Dragon Pack (3.99 USD)
Uria Pack (3.99 USD)
Hamon Pack (3.99 USD)
LV Dragon Pack (3.99 USD)
Black Rose Pack (3.99 USD)
Scrap Pack (3.99 USD)
Archfiend Pack (3.99 USD)
Ninja Pack (3.99 USD)
Earthbound Immortal Pack (3.99 USD)
Fabled Pack (3.99 USD)
Inzektor Pack (3.99 USD)
Fortune Lady Pack (3.99 USD)
Psychic Pack (3.99 USD)
Heraldic Beast Pack (3.99 USD)
Battlin' Boxer Pack (3.99 USD)
Zombie Pack (3.99 USD)
Vampire Pack (3.99 USD)
X-Saber Pack (3.99 USD)
Red Archfiend Pack (3.99 USD)
Reptilianne Pack (3.99 USD)

Vehicroid Pack (3.99 USD)

Life Pack (3.99 USD)

The Agent Pack (3.99 USD)
Iron Chain Synchron Pack (3.99 USD)
Chaos Pack (3.99 USD)
Element Pack (3.99 USD)
Jinzo Gimmick Puppet Pack (3.99 USD)


These PREMIUM AVATARS are only available from the store. New avatars are added to the store regularly so keep checking back often.

Avatar Bundle #1 (0.99 USD)
Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler Dark Magician Elemental HERO Neos Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Legendary Fiend
ArcanaForceEXTheLightRuler-DGVG-Avatar DarkMagician-DGVG-Avatar ElementalHERONeos-DGVG-Avatar GalaxyEyesPhotonDragon-DGVG-Avatar LegendaryFiend-DGVG-Avatar
Avatar Bundle #2 (0.99 USD)
Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk Number 39: Utopia Number 104: Masquerade Number C39: Utopia Ray Red Dragon Archfiend
MeklordAstroDragonAsterisk-DGVG-Avatar Number39Utopia-DGVG-Avatar Number104Masquerade-DGVG-Avatar NumberC39UtopiaRay-DGVG-Avatar RedDragonArchfiend-DGVG-Avatar
Avatar Bundle #3 (0.99 USD)
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Relinquished Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord Stardust Dragon Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare
RedEyesDarknessDragon-DGVG-Avatar Relinquished-DGVG-Avatar SephylontheUltimateTimelord-DGVG-Avatar StardustDragon-DGVG-Avatar YubelTheUltimateNightmare-DGVG-Avatar

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