This a listing of chapters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL manga.

Image Number Names Japanese release date
D Team ZEXAL Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Japanese Dチーム・ゼアル始動!!
(Dyueru Chīmu Zearu Shidō!!)
3 April 2012

Translated Japanese Starting Duel Team ZEXAL!!
D Team ZEXAL Chaper 2 Chapter 2 Japanese 魔法で一発逆転!!
(Mahō de Ippatsu Gyakuten!!)
3 May 2012

Translated Japanese An Instant Turnaround by Magic!!
D Team ZEXAL 003 Chapter 3 Japanese 逆転の罠!!
(Gyakuten no Torappu!!)
3 June 2012

Translated Japanese The Trap of the Counterattack!!
D Team ZEXAL chapter 4 Chapter 4 Japanese 激闘決着!!
(Gekitō Kecchaku!!)
3 July 2012

Translated Japanese Conclusion of the Fierce Fight!!
D Team ZEXAL 5 Chapter 5 Japanese デッキ強化だぜ!!
(Dekki Kyōka da ze!!)
3 August 2012

Translated Japanese Improving the Deck!!
D Team Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Japanese 新デッキで決闘!!
(Nyū Dekki de Dyueru!!)
3 September 2012

Translated Japanese A Duel with the New Deck!!
D Team Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Japanese 決闘大会予選!!
(Dyueru Taikai Yosen!!)
3 October 2012

Translated Japanese Preliminaries of the Duel Tournament!!
D Team Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Japanese デュエル大会開幕!!
(Dyueru Taikai Kaimaku!!)
3 November 2012

Translated Japanese Opening of the Duel Tournament!!
D Team chapter 9 Chapter 9 Japanese 熱き決着!!
(Atsuki Kecchaku!!)
3 December 2012

Translated Japanese Burning Conclusion!!
D Team ZEXAL chapter 10 Chapter 10 Japanese ホラー決闘!?
(Horā Dyueru!?)
3 January 2013

Translated Japanese Horror Duel!?
D Team ZEXAL 11 Chapter 11 Japanese 予選最終戦だ!!
(Yosen Saishūsen da!!)
3 February 2013

Translated Japanese The Final Match of the Preliminaries!!
D Team ZEXAL 12 Chapter 12 Japanese 激突! シャーク!!
(Gekitotsu! Shāku!!)
3 March 2013

Translated Japanese Clash! VS Shark!!
D Team ZEXAL 13 Chapter 13 Japanese かっとビングだ!!
(Kattobingu da!!)
3 April 2013

Translated Japanese Kattobingu!!
D Team ZEXAL 14 Chapter 14 Japanese 次は部活だぜ!!
(Tsugi wa Bukatsu da ze!!)
3 June 2013

Translated Japanese Next up is the Club Activities!!
D Team ZEXAL 15 Chapter 15 Japanese 騎士道デュエル!!
(Kishidō Dyueru!!)
3 July 2013

Translated Japanese A Chivalrous Duel!!
D Team ZEXAL 16 Chapter 16 Japanese 全力の決闘!!
(Zenryoku no Dyueru!!)
3 August 2013

Translated Japanese An All-Out Duel!!
D Team ZEXAL 17 Chapter 17 Japanese アジアチャンピオン!!
(Ajia Chanpion!!)
3 September 2013

Translated Japanese Asia Champion!!
D Team ZEXAL 18 Chapter 18 Japanese 銀河眼強襲!!
(Gyarakushīaizu Kyōjū!!)
3 October 2013

Translated Japanese Galaxy-Eyes' Onslaught!!
D Team ZEXAL 19 Chapter 19 Japanese デュエルの課題!!
(Dyueru no Tesuto!!)
3 November 2013

Translated Japanese A Duel Test!!
D Team ZEXAL 20 Chapter 20 Japanese D・T・C 開幕!!
(Dyueru Chīmu Kānibaru Kaimaku!!)
3 December 2013

Translated Japanese The Opening of the Duel Team Carnival!!
D Team 21 Chapter 21 Japanese 悪のヒーロー!!
(Aku no Hīrō!!)
3 January 2014

Translated Japanese The Wicked Hero!!
D Team ZEXAL 22 Chapter 22 Japanese VSシンクロ使い
(Bāsasu Shinkuro Tsukai)
3 February 2014

Translated Japanese VS The Synchro User
D Team 23 Chapter 23 Japanese ホープの脅威!!
(Hōpu no Kyōi!!)
3 March 2014

Translated Japanese The Menace of Hope!!
D Team 24 Chapter 24 Japanese Dチームの絆!!
(Dyueru Chīmu no Kizuna!!)
3 April 2014

Translated Japanese The Duel Team's Bonds!!

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