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Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM
English  Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM
Developer(s)  Konami
Series  Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM
Platform(s)  Web App
Release date(s) May 30, 2012[1]
Genre(s)  Card Battling

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM is a web based game, playable through Facebook.

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM logo
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Reward given to players that played the beta
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  • Currently the game includes up to 513 cards (8 of which are exclusive to the Crafting feature, and 7 of which are sold in the shop during Halloween only) as of 30 November 2012.
  • Currently the game includes 15 different Power-Ups.
  • The majority of the cards have a different effect compared to its TCG/OCG counterpart.
  • The way monsters are compared in this game is similar to the effect of "Subspatial Battle".


The game is set in Alba Litora.


Effect Types

Effect Description
Acid Jet Once per Round, when this Monster loses Power, your Opponent loses Life Points.
Annihilate Destroy your Opponent's Monsters/Spells.
Backfire You lose Life Points.
Big Explosion When destroyed, all monsters on the Field are destroyed. Both players lose Life Points.
Bloodlust Your Opponent loses Life Points the first time your Opponent loses Life Points.
Boost Your Monster gains Power.
Break Immunity Your Opponent's Monster loses its Immunity
Courage Gains Power if it is the only Monster of your side.
Cripple Your Opponent's Monster loses Power.
Destroy Destroy your Opponent's Monster/Spell.
Drain Gains Power when Opponent loses Life Points.
Empathy Loses/Gains Power as you lose/gain Life Points.
Explosion When destroyed, facing Monster is also destroyed. Both Players lose Life Points.
Farewell You gain Life Points when this Monster is destroyed.
Feeble Loses Power every round.
First Strike At round start, if your Graveyard is empty, you opponent loses Life Points.
Fragile Destroyed after battling another Monster.
Growth At Round End, your Monster's Power doubles.
Heal You gain Life Points. (Spell-only counterpart to Soothe)
Heal Opponent Opponent gains Life Points.
Hurt Opponent Opponent loses Life Points. (Spell-only counterpart to Shock)
Immune Your Monster cannot lose Power or be destroyed.
Last Stand Doubles its power if there are no cards in your Deck at Round Start.
Mirror Every Round, the first time you lose Life Points, your Opponent loses Life Points.
Osmosis Drain Power from your Opponent's Monster to yours.
Parting Gift Opponent loses Life Points when this Monster is destroyed.
Power Redistribution When this Monster is destroyed, all your Monsters in play gain Power.
Rage Gains Power when you lose Life Points.
Requiem Opponent's Monsters lose Power when this Monster is destroyed.
Sacrifice Destroy your Monster/Spell.
Self-Destruct Destroyed at the end of the round.
Shared Fate When destroyed, your Opponent's Monster is also destroyed.
Shock Opponent loses Life Points when your Monster attacks. (Monster-only counterpart to Hurt Opponent)
Shockwave Once per Round, when this card gains Power, your opponent loses Life Points. (Before it was released, it was called "Ordered Assault")
Sneak Destroy Opponent's Monster before it attacks.
Soothe You gain Life Points. (Monster-only counterpart to Heal)
Sorrow You lose Life Points when this Monster is destroyed.
Special (The effect differs)
Spirit Protection When your monster is destroyed, all your other Monsters are Immune.
Timidity Loses Power if your Opponent has two or more Monsters in play.




This is the deck all players start out with.

Starter Deck

Duel Stars Challenge

Image of a Duel Star.
Stars Reward 1 Reward 2
1 1 DP Goblin's Secret Remedy
10 1 DP Shine Palace
25 1 DP Metalmorph
50 1 DP Waboku
75 1 DP Change of Heart
100 1 DP Skull Stalker
125 1 DP Gokibore
150 1 DP Dark King of the Abyss
175 1 DP Garoozis
200 1 DP Water Magician
225 1 DP Yaranzo
250 1 DP Wodan the Resident of the Forest
275 1 DP Cyber Soldier of Darkworld
300 1 DP Horn of Heaven
325 1 DP Magical Thorn
350 1 DP Heavy Storm
375 1 DP King Fog
400 1 DP Doma The Angel of Silence
425 1 DP Air Eater
450 1 DP Leogun
475 1 DP Acid Crawler
500 1 DP Blue-Eyes White Dragon
525 1 DP Sword of the Deep-Seated
550 1 DP Steel Ogre Grotto #1
575 1 DP De-Spell
600 1 DP Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness
625 1 DP Umi
650 1 DP Two-Mouth Darkruler
675 1 DP Stone Dragon
700 1 DP Evil Dragon Ananta
725 1 DP Fiend Kraken
750 1 DP A Feather of the Phoenix


External links


  1. Official Facebook Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Page

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