Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM-related events in 2012.



  • 30 - Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM live.[3]
    • Game progress of open beta testers were not reset.


  • 30 - Last Stand and Drain effect.[5]


  • 22 - Rage effect.[9]



  • 25 - BAM-o-ween (first day) - A Cat of Ill Omen was available in the shop for Coins 62750 for one day only.[20]
  • 26 - BAM-o-ween (second day) - Dark Bat was available in the shop for Coins 103295 for one day only.[21]
  • 29 - BAM-o-ween (fifth day) - Vampire Lord was available in the shop for Card Pieces 1063 for one day only.[24]


Hourglass of Courage
Toad Master
Invader from Another Dimension
Doma the Angel of Silence
Axe Raider
B. Dragon Jungle King
Germ Infection
Mech Bass
Machine Conversion Factory
Winged Egg of New Life
Crawling Dragon #2
Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness
Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
Psychic Lifetrancer
Barrel Rock
Rock Ogre Grotto #2
LaLa Li-Oon
Tripwire Beast
Spirit of the Books
Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Mon Larvas
Celtic Guardian
Acid Rain
Warrior Elimination
Mammoth Graveyard
  • 20 - BAM-Giving - All players are gifted with 1,000 Energy.[30]
  • 21 - Requiem Bundle, Plants Bundle and Drain bundle removed from the shop.[29]
    • BAM-Giving II - All players are gifted with Coins 100,000.[31]
  • 22 - BAM-Giving III - All players are gifted with Duel Points 50.[32]


Beast Fangs
Big Insect
Cyber Commander
Dark Gray
Giga-Tech Wolf
Great Bill
Hercules Beetle
Mech Bass
Mon Larvas
Pale Beast
Penguin Soldier
Petit Moth
Prevent Rat
Tremendous Fire
Winged Cleaver
Yaiba Robo

  • 13 - 13 Days of Xmas (first day) - Consecrated Light will be available in the shop for Coins 36500 for one day only.[37]
  • 14 - 13 Days of Xmas (second day) - Snowman Eater will be available in the shop for Coins 60900 for one day only.[38]
  • 15 - 13 Days of Xmas (third day) - Driving Snow will be available in the shop for Coins 80200 for one day only.[39]
  • 16 - 13 Days of Xmas (fourth day) - Hoshiningen will be available in the shop for Coins 86450 for one day only.[40]
  • 17 - 13 Days of Xmas (fifth day) - Gift Card will be available in the shop for Card Pieces 105 for one day only.[41]
  • 18 - 13 Days of Xmas (sixth day) - Crystal Tree will be available in the shop for Card Pieces 240 for one day only.[42]
  • 19 - 13 Days of Xmas (seventh day) - Star Light, Star Bright will be available in the shop for Card Pieces 240 for one day only.[43]
    • Cardmageddon (part 2) - Removal of the following 37 cards from the shop:[44]
Alligator's Sword
Ancient Tool
Armored Rat
Basic Insect
Battle Footballer
Bokoichi the Freightening Car
Brave Scizzar
Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter
Cyber Soldier
Dark Rabbit
Firewing Pegasus
Frog the Jam
Giant Flea
Giant Scorpion of the Tundra
Kuwagata Alpha
Machine Conversion Factory
Mystical Sheep #2
Nekogal #1
Nightmare Scorpion
Obese Marmot of Nefariousness
Shovel Crusher
Skull Dog Marron
Sleeping Lion
Soul Tiger
Steel Shell
Summoned Skull
The Melting Red Shadow
  • 20 - 13 Days of Xmas (eighth day) - The Nordic Lights will be available in the shop for Card Pieces 240 for one day only.[45]
  • 21 - 13 Days of Xmas (ninth day) - Doom Donuts will be available in the shop for Card Pieces 249 for one day only.[46]
  • 22 - 13 Days of Xmas (tenth day) - Shining Angel will be available in the shop for Duel Points 14 for one day only.[47]
  • 24 - 13 Days of Xmas (twelfth day) - Ceremonial Bell will be available in the shop for Duel Points 25 for one day only.[49]
  • 25 - 13 Days of Xmas (last day) - Toy Magician will be available in the shop for Duel Points 60 for one day only.[50]
Dark Prisoner
Crazy Fish
Celtic Guardian
Baron of the Fiend Sword
Armored Lizard
Archfiend Mirror
Violet Crystal
The Snake Hair
The Cheerful Coffin
Temple of Skulls
Restructer Revolution
Pharaoh's Servant
Phantom Ghost
Mystery Hand
Megirus Light
Mech Mole Zombie
Magical Ghost
Lord of Zemia
Kunai with Chain
Invader from Another Dimension
Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation
Gravedigger Ghoul
Gorgon Egg
Ghoul with an Appetite
Flame Viper
Final Flame
Fiend's Hand
Dian Keto the Cure Master


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