Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar

Yu-Gi-Oh! Adventskalender

Set information


  • AC11-DE (de)
Number of cards


Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • October 13, 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar
  • This year will shorten the wait for the biggest day of the year.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME fans Advent calendar helps all of Yusei and his friends to survive the days until Christmas well.
  • 24 doors with great reinforcements for each deck!


The set contains 24 cards. The number of cards of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name German name Rarity Category
AC11-DE001 Junk Synchron Gerümpelsynchronisierer Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
AC11-DE002 Morphtronic Remoten Morphtronische Fernbedienung Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
AC11-DE003 Black-Winged Dragon Schwarz geflügelter Drache Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AC11-DE004 Sunny Pixie Strahlende Pixie Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
AC11-DE005 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow Schwarzflügel - Kalut der Mondschatten Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE006 Red Dragon Archfiend Rotdrachen-Erzunterweltler Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AC11-DE007 Shield Warrior Schildkrieger Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE008 Twin-Sword Marauder Zwillingsschwert-Plünderer Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE009 Formula Synchron Formelsynchron Ultra Rare Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
AC11-DE010 Rose Tentacles Rosententakel Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE011 Nitro Synchron Nitrosynchron Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
AC11-DE012 Ancient Fairy Dragon Antiker Feendrache Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AC11-DE013 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn Schwarzflügel - Sirocco die Morgenröte Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE014 Sunlight Unicorn Sonnenlicht-Einhorn Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE015 Power Tool Dragon Werkzeugdrache Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AC11-DE016 Kuribon Kuribon Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE017 Big Piece Golem Großteilgolem Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE018 Black Rose Dragon Schwarzer Rosendrache Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AC11-DE019 Morphtronic Boomboxen Morphtronische Boomboxen Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE020 Dark Resonator Finsterer Resonator Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
AC11-DE021 Nitro Warrior Nitrokrieger Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
AC11-DE022 Rose Fairy Rosenfee Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE023 Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights Schwarzflügel - Aurora das Nordlicht Super Rare Effect Monster
AC11-DE024 Stardust Dragon Sternenstaubdrache Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster

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