This is my Dueling! Entertainment Duel!! (これがオレのデュエル! エンタメデュエルだ!!, Kore ga Ore no Dyueru! Entame Dyueru da!!) is the first Volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Strongest Duelist Yuya!! spin-off.

Promotional card

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Strongest Duelist Yuya!! Volume 1 promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Performapal Odd-Eyes Metal Claw", used by Yuya Sakaki in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Strongest Duelist Yuya 001 Chapter 1 これがオレのデュエル!エンタメデュエルだ!!
Kore ga Ore no Dyueru! Entame Dyueru da!!
This is my Dueling! Entertainment Duel!!
Yuya is challenged by Shingo Sawatari, a student from the famous Leo Duel School.
Strongest Duelist Yuya 002 Chapter 2 アクションデュエルはスポーツもあり!?
Akushon Dyueru wa Supōtsu mo Ari!?
Action Duels Can Also be Sports!?
Yuya and the gang attend a big Dueling event, where Yuya Duels Shuto Go, a Duelist from the Soccer Duel School.
Strongest Duelist Yuya 03 Chapter 3 奴の名は、赤き天才デュエリスト赤馬零児!!
Yatsu no Na wa, Akaki Tensai Dyuerisuto Akaba Reiji!!
His Name is, the Red Genius Duelist - Reiji Akaba!!
Yuya is invited for an exhibition Duel with Reiji Akaba, the president of Leo Institute of Dueling.
Strongest Duelist Yuya 04 Chapter 4 エンタメの先にあるものは!?
Entame no Saki ni Aru Mono wa!?
What Lies Beyond the Entertainment!?
Yuya Duels Reiji Akaba for an exhibition Duel, but the latter's tactics surprise him and everyone else.
Strongest Duelist Yuya 05 Chapter 5 振れろ!オレのペンデュラム!!
Furero! Ore no Pendyuramu!!
Swing! My Pendulum!!
After his loss to Reiji Akaba, Yuya's spirit is broken. It is when a mysterious masked Duelist appears and challenges him to a Duel.
Strongest Duelist Yuya 06 Chapter 6 デュエル塾VSデュエル家庭教師!!
Dyueru Juku Bāsasu Dyueru Kateikyōshi!!
Duel School VS Duel Tutor!!
Yuya and the others were practicing Dueling at the You Show Duel School, when Futoshi's private tutor shows up.
Strongest Duelist Yuya 07 Chapter 7 デュエルスクールトーナメント開催!!
Dyueru Sukūru Tōnamento Kaisai!!
The Opening of the Duel School Tournament!!
Yuya and his friends are invited to join a Duel School Tournament hosted by LDS to decide who is the Number 1 Duel School. And what's more - the winner gets the opportunity to face Reiji Akaba in a Duel.

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