The Name is Phantom! (そのはファントム!, Sono Na wa Fantomu!) is the first Volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

Promotional card

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Volume 1 promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon", used by Yuya Sakaki in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ARC-V Scale 01 Chapter 1 The Name is Phantom! その名はファントム!
Sono Na wa Fantomu!
The Name is Phantom!
Reiji Akaba and the Leo Corporation pursue a mysterious Entertainment Duelist nicknamed "Phantom", who has hacked into their Solid Vision System.
ARC-V Scale 02 Chapter 2 Yuto vs. Sawatari! ユートVS沢渡!
Yūto Bāsasu Sawatari!
Yuto vs Sawatari!
One of the Leo Corporation enforcers, Shingo Sawatari, confronts "Phantom". However, the Dueltainer's identity puzzles the Leo Corporation agents.
ARC-V Scale 03 Chapter 3 Pendulum Summons! ペンデュラム召喚!
Pendyuramu Shōkan!
Pendulum Summon!
"Phantom" finally reveals his true form in front of the Leo Corporation agents, shocking everyone with his unique Summoning method and tricks.
ARC-V Scale 04 Chapter 4 The Hungry Assassin! 飢えた刺客!
Ueta Shikaku!
The Hungry Assassin!
Having ended up in Yuya's hideout, Yuzu learns about his true objective. Meanwhile, Shun takes Yuzu's father hostage in order to lure the "Phantom".
ARC-V Scale 05 Chapter 5 Assault! Raidraptors!! 強襲!RR!!
Kyōshū! Reido Raputāzu!!
Assault! Raid Raptors!!
Yuya faces one of the Leo Corporation agents, Shun Kurosaki, in a midair Duel.
ARC-V Scale 06 Chapter 6 Feeling Alive!! 生きている実感!!
Ikiteiru Jikkan!!
Feeling Alive!!
When it seemed Shun was on the verge of defeat, he Summons his ace monster and corners Yuya, who stands against it with his "Odd-Eyes" monsters.

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