Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 139

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 139
ArcV 139 Preview



Yami ni Somaru Manako

Japanese translation

The Eyes Tainted by Darkness

Episode number


Japanese air date

January 22, 2017

Japanese opening

Pendulum Beat!

English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending

Dashing Pendulum

English ending

Can you Feel the Power

  • Kamishiro Tsutomu
  • Lee Kan Min
  • Sunaga Tsukasa
Animation director
  • Lee Sung-jin, Kim Hye-jeong
Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode listing (season 3)
Previous The Shadow-Winged Dragon
Next Pendulum of the Soul

"The Eyes Tainted by Darkness" is the one hundred and thirty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It will air in Japan on January 22, 2017.

The next Duelists to challenge Zarc are Sylvio and a resurrected Crow. As the two try to call out to Yuya through their Dueling, Zarc seems to be shaken for a moment. However, as if shrugging off their attempt, Zarc then summons "Supreme King Servant Dragon Odd-Eyes". And then, right before his eyes, Leo Akaba

Featured Duel: Sylvio Sawatari and Crow Hogan vs. Zarc

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Zarc has 7000 LP and controls "Supreme King Dragon Zarc" (4000/4000). He also has "Supreme King Gate Zero" (Right Pendulum Scale 0) and "Supreme King Gate Infinity" (Left Pendulum Scale 13) in his Pendulum Zones, and 2 cards in his hand. Sylvio Sawatari and Crow Hogan both have 5 cards in their hand and 2000 LP. "Crossover" is active on the field.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Crow Hogan
Action Field

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