Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels Plus Starter Deck 005

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Starter Decks

New Yugioh 5ds DLC released 2/13/13 starter deck 5

battle footballer blazing impachi chainsaw insect dark tinker exiled force fortress warrior giant rat hayabusa knight junk synchron man eater bug quillbolt hedchog speed warrior turret warrior twin sword marauder warrior lady of the wasteland X2 worm apocalypse x saber galahad banner of courage card destruction enemy controller giant trunade hammer shot monster reincarnation return of the army shrink synchro boost warrior returning alive twister desense draw dust tornado raigeki break rising energy rope of life sakuretsu armor threatning roar seceret barrell trap hole colossal fighter x saber wayne x saber urbellum gaia knight force of the earth

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