Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 097

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 097



Zetsubō to Kattō no Saki ni

Japanese translation

At the End of Despair and Discord...


Natural Instincts, Part 2

Episode number


Japanese air date

February 17, 2010

English air date

March 19, 2011

Featured card

Naturia Leodrake

Japanese opening


English opening

Hyper Drive

Japanese ending


English ending

Hyper Drive

Animation director
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"Natural Instincts, Part 2", known as "At the End of Despair and Discord..." in the Japanese version, is the ninety-seventh episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

The Turbo Duel between Yusei Fudo against Andre continues.


As Yusei is gradually pressured into a corner due to Andre's innate card playing skills. Yusei attempts to fight back by summoning Stardust Dragon, but just as Yusei is about to strike the final blow, the time limit on the practice duel elapses. Later, we see Akiza and Yusei. Yusei is doing laps while Akiza times him. As Yusei passes her, she clicks the stopwatch and exclaims that this is the best time he has ever had. Sherry then comes up to say hi and share a few words, since they wont be facing off in the prelims. She then leaves.

The next moring starts off to be ordinary. Bruno is downstairs, cooking a egg, while Yusei is climbing down the ladder, commenting on how he hasn't seen Crow that morning. Bruno explains Crow headed out early that morning to do some practicing, adding that he looked really motivated. We see Crow zooming down the highway, approaching a turn. Crow is thinking he can do more, more! As he is curving the turn,he crashes into a shadowy figure, but not before seeing a card, which later turns out to be Hook the Hidden Knight, a card of darkness. The collision sends him and the Blackbird flying into the air, out of control. He goes flying down the highway. We then see Crow lying on his back, stammering over what happened. As he tries to get up, pain shoots up his right arm and he cries out. He looks at his shoulder and gasps.

We then see Crow and Team 5D's at the doctor's. They then find out Crow has fractured his shoulder bone (in the dub, he dislocated it), and it will fully heal in a month. "But the prelims are in 3 days!", Akiza gasps. Crow gets down on his knees and begs the doctor to let him participate. The doctor refuses Crow's plea, which makes Crow mad. He gets up and glares at the doctor while saying he doesn't need anymore favors from him! As he moves to take the cast off, the movement causes him pain, to which he cried out in agony. Jack and Yusei look concerned as they say his name with a touch of urgency to it."Why? Why now? What am I going to tell the nerds?", Crow moans, as the tears begin to fall.

The scene then shoot to Jack and Yusei discussing what they are going to do, now that Crow is out of the action. Bruno come down the stairs and explains how they will lose life points if they continue onward with only 2 players. Yusei says how they can't afford that. Akiza then chips in, telling them that she will participate, because, hey, she a part of Team 5D's too! And she has her own duel runner, Bloody Kiss. Crow then starts to walk out on them, but Akiza tells him to wait, which causes him to yell at her to shut up, she doesn't know how he's feeling right now!

We then see Crow sitting on a doorstep in the rain, with his eyes closed. He then opens them, and stares at the tournament poster next to him.

The next day, Jack, Yusei, and Bruno head out on their duel runners to search for Crow and Akiza, who are missing. When they find them, Crow is drilling Akiza, like Akiza and Yusei did the other day. As Akiza passes by Crow, she flashes him a thumbs up. Jack smiles and comments on how Crow can really worry a person.

Featured Duel: Yusei Fudo vs. Andre

Continued from previous episode...

Turn 4: Andre
"Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" attacks "Junk Archer", but Yusei activates "Chain Arrow" which increases the ATK of "Junk Archer" by 500 during damage calculation only ("Junk Archer": 2300 → 2800/2000). "Junk Archer" destroys "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" (Andre 2700 → 2500 Life Points). After damage calculation the ATK of "Junk Archer" goes back to normal ("Junk Archer": 2800 → 2300/2000). Yusei activates the second effect of "Chain Arrow", reducing the ATK of "Behemoth the King of All Animals" by 1000 ("Behemoth the King of All Animals": 2700 → 1700/1500) until the End Phase. Andre activates "Beast Burial Ritual", destroying "Nimble Momonga" and drawing 2 cards, however Andre can't use the drawn cards this turn. Since a Beast-type monster was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Andre activates the effect of "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest", paying 1000 Life Points (Andre 2500 → 1500 Life Points) to Special Summon "Green Baboon" from the Graveyard (2600/1800) in Attack Position. "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" attacks and destroys "Junk Archer" (Yusei 3200 → 2900 Life Points). "Behemoth the King of All Animals" then attacks Yusei directly (Yusei 2900 → 1200 Life Points). Andre places 1 card face-down in his Spell & Trap Card Zones and ends his turn. At the End Phase, the effect of "Chain Arrow" expires ("Behemoth the King of All Animals": 1700 → 2700/1500).

Turn 5: Yusei
(Yusei's SPC: 4, Andre's SPC: 4)
Yusei draws. He then Normal Summons "Shield Wing" (0/900) in Defense Position. He then places 2 cards face-down in his Spell & Trap Card Zones and ends his turn.

Turn 6: Andre
(Yusei's SPC: 5, Andre's SPC: 5)
Andre draws. He then Normal Summons "Nimble Momonga" (1000/100) in Attack Position. Andre then sends "Nimble Momonga" from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Egotistical Ape" (1200/1200) from his hand in Attack Position. Andre then activates the effect of "Egotistical Ape", increasing its Level by the Level of "Nimble Momonga" ("Egotistical Ape": 5 → 7). Andre plans to use three of his monsters to attack "Shield Wing" which will lead to "Shield Wing" being destroyed. This will allow Andre to use his fourth monster to attack Yusei directly and win the Duel. Since Andre summoned a monster whose ATK is greater than the DEF of "Shield Wing", Yusei activates "Shield Coat", doubling the DEF of "Shield Wing" ("Shield Wing":0/900 → 1800). On Yusei's second Standby Phase, "Shield Coat" will be destroyed. Andre then tunes "Nimble Momonga" with "Egotistical Ape" to Synchro Summon "Naturia Gaodrake" (3000/1800) in Attack Position. "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" attacks "Shield Wing", but the latter isn't destroyed due to its effect. "Behemoth the King of All Animals" then attacks "Shield Wing", but the latter's effect once again prevents its destruction. "Naturia Leodrake" then attacks and destroys "Shield Wing" as the latter's effect had already been used twice. Since a monster Yusei controls was destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, Andre activates "Howl of the Wild", inflicting 300 damage to Yusei for every Beast-Type monster he controls. He controls 3, so Yusei takes 900 damage (Yusei 1200 → 300 Life Points). Andre then places 1 card face-down in his Spell & Trap Card Zones and ends his turn.

Turn 7: Yusei
(Yusei's SPC: 6, Andre's SPC: 6)
Yusei draws "Debris Dragon" and subsequently Normal Summons it (1000/2000) in Attack Position. Yusei then activates the effect of "Debris Dragon", Special Summoning "Shield Wing" from the Graveyard (0/900) in Attack Position with its effects negated. He then activates "Speed Spell - Vision Wind", Special Summoning "Speed Warrior" from his Graveyard (900/200) in Attack Position. Yusei then tunes his three monsters together to Synchro Summon "Stardust Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position. "Stardust Dragon" attacks "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest". Yusei then activates "Synchro Strike", increasing "Stardust Dragon's" ATK by 500 for each Synchro Material Monster that was used to Synchro Summon "Stardust Dragon". Yusei used three Synchro Material Monsters, so "Stardust Dragon" gains 1500 ATK ("Stardust Dragon": 2500 → 4000/2000). "Stardust Dragon" destroys "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" (Andre 1500 → 100 Life Points). Yusei then activates the effect of "Speed World 2", removing 4 Speed Counters (Yusei's SPC 6 → 2) to inflict 800 damage to Andre for each Speed Spell in his hand. Yusei reveals "Speed Spell - Final Attack", so Andre takes 800 damage. Before the final blow can be dealt, the duel gets canceled as Team Unicorn's practice time is over.

Differences in adaptations

  • In the original, Crow's shoulder bone is said to be fractured after his crash. In the English dub, his bone is said to only be dislocated.


  • In the English dub, "Naturia Leodrake" is called by its Japanese name, Naturia Gaodrake.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yusei Fudo

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