This is a listing of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's volumes.

Cover Number Names
YF01-PromoEN Volume 1 Japanese name 決闘疾走者ライディング・デュエリスト、遊星!!
(Raidingu Dyuerisuto, Yūsei!!)
Translated Japanese name Riding Duelist, Yusei!!
English name Yusei, Turbo Duelist!!
YF02-PromoEN Volume 2 Japanese name 開幕!!D1GP!!
(Kaimaku!! Dīwan Guranpuri!!)
Translated Japanese name Start!! D1GP!!
English name The D1 Grand Prix Begins!!
YF03-PromoEN Volume 3 Japanese name 決闘竜!!
(Dyueru Doragon!!)
Translated Japanese name Duel Dragons!!
English name Duel Dragons!!
YF04-PromoEN Volume 4 Japanese name シンクロVSシンクロ!!
(Shinkuro VS Shinkuro!!)
Translated Japanese name Synchro VS Synchro!!
English name Synchro VS. Synchro!!
YF05-PromoEN Volume 5 Japanese name 守るべきモノ!!
(Mamoru Beki Mono!!)
Translated Japanese name Something to Protect!!
English name Those We Protect!!
YF06-PromoEN Volume 6 Japanese name 天錠覇王への血路!!
(Tenjō Haō e no Michi!!)
Translated Japanese name The Way Towards Supreme King of the Heavenly Lock!!
English name The Way to the King of Sky's Lock!!
YF07-PromoEN Volume 7 Japanese name 運命のラストドロー!!
(Unmei no Rasuto Dorō!!)
Translated Japanese name Last Draw of Destiny!!
English name Last Draw of Destiny!!
YF08-PromoEN Volume 8 Japanese name 光のフィール!!
(Hikari no Fīru!!)
Translated Japanese name The Feel of Light!!
English name Light Sense!!
YF09-PromoEN Volume 9 Japanese name 永遠の決闘疾走者エターナルライディング・デュエリスト!!
(Etānaru Raidingu Dyuerisuto!!)
Translated Japanese name Eternal Riding Duelist!!
English name Eternal Turbo Duelist!!

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