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This a listing of chapters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga.

Image Number Names Japanese release date English release date
YuGiOh!5D'sRide001 Chapter 1 Japanese 決闘疾走者、遊星!!
(Raidingu Dyuerisuto, Yūsei!!)
21 August 2009 January 2011
Translated Japanese Riding Duelist, Yusei!!

English Yusei, Turbo Duelist!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide002 Chapter 2 Japanese 闇のフィール!!
(Yami no Fīru!!)
21 September 2009

Translated Japanese Dark Feel!!

English Shadow Sense!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide003 Chapter 3 Japanese 冥界の主!!
(Meikai no Aruji!!)
21 October 2009

Translated Japanese Lord of the Underworld!!

English Lord of the Underworld!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide004 Chapter 4 Japanese 闇との決着
(Yami to no Kecchaku)
21 November 2009 April 2011
Translated Japanese The Settlement with the Darkness

English A Showdown with Darkness
YuGiOh!5D'sRide005 Chapter 5 Japanese 絶対王者!!
21 December 2009 May 2011
Translated Japanese King!!

English The King!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide006 Chapter 6 Japanese 「枷」。。。!
21 January 2010

Translated Japanese "Shackle"…!

English "Shackle"…!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide007 Chapter 7 Japanese クイーン・オブ・クイーン
(Kuīn obu Kuīn)
21 February 2010

Translated Japanese Queen of Queen

English Queen of Queens
YuGiOh!5D'sRide008 Chapter 8 Japanese 一撃疾走
(Wan Shotto Ran)
21 March 2010

Translated Japanese One-Shot Run

English One-Shot Run
YuGiOh!5D'sRide009 Chapter 9 Japanese 開幕!! D1GP!!
(Kaimaku!! Dīwan Guranpuri!!)
21 April 2010

Translated Japanese Start!! D1GP!!

English The D1 Grand Prix Begins!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide010 Chapter 10 Japanese 激突する誇り!!
(Gekitotsu suru Puraido!!)
21 May 2010

Translated Japanese Clashing Pride!!

English Clashing Pride!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide011 Chapter 11 Japanese フィールVSフィール!!
(Fīru Bāsasu Fīru)
21 June 2010

Translated Japanese Feel VS Feel!!

English Sense VS Sense!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide012 Chapter 12 Japanese 聖魂決闘者!!
(Saiko Dyuerisuto!!)
21 July 2010

Translated Japanese Psychic Duelists!!

English Psychic Duelists!!
5D13 Chapter 13 Japanese 聖魂VS聖魂
(Saiko Bāsasu Saiko)
21 August 2010 March 2012
Translated Japanese Psycho VS Psycho

English Psychic VS Psychic
YuGiOh!5D'sRide014 Chapter 14 Japanese 好敵手たち!!
21 September 2010

Translated Japanese Rivals!!

English Rivals!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide015 Chapter 15 Japanese 暗躍。。。!!
21 October 2010

Translated Japanese Secret Maneuvers...!!

English Dark Maneuvers...!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide016 Chapter 16 Japanese 飛翔!!
21 November 2010

Translated Japanese Flight!!

English Flight!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide017 Chapter 17 Japanese 胎動。。。!!
21 December 2010

Translated Japanese Fomenting...!!

English Omens!!
5dsmanga18 Chapter 18 Japanese 無手札必殺!!
(Handoresu Konbo!!)
21 January 2011

Translated Japanese The Handless Combo!!

English The Handless Combo!!
5dsmanga19 Chapter 19 Japanese 切り札。。。
21 February 2011

Translated Japanese Trump Card...

English Trump Card...!!
5dsmanga20 Chapter 20 Japanese 闇のカード!!
(Yami no Kādo!!)
21 March 2011

Translated Japanese The Card of Darkness!!

English Shadow Card!!
5dsmanga21 Chapter 21 Japanese 別離。。。!!
21 April 2011

Translated Japanese Separation...!!

English Separation...!!
5dsmanga22 Chapter 22 Japanese 決闘竜!!
(Dyueru Doragon!!)
21 May 2011

Translated Japanese Duel Dragons!!

English Duel Dragons!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide023 Chapter 23 Japanese 双子の決闘者!!
(Futago no Dyuerisuto!!)
21 June 2011

Translated Japanese Twin Duelists!!

English Twin Duelists!!
5ds ride024 Chapter 24 Japanese 装備vs装備
(Ikuippu Bāsasu Ikuippu)
21 July 2011

Translated Japanese Equip Vs. Equip

English Equip Vs. Equip!!
YuGiOh!5D'sRide025 Chapter 25 Japanese 「重なる心…!!」
(Kasanaru Fīru...!!)
21 August 2011

Translated Japanese Coinciding Feel...!!

English Sense Upon Sense...!!
5D's Ride 026 Chapter 26 Japanese 激戦の予感。。。!!
(Gekisen no Yokan...!!)
21 September 2011

Translated Japanese Premonition of a Fierce Fight...!!

English Premonition of a Fierce Fight...!!
5Ds Ride 27 Chapter 27 Japanese シンクロVSシンクロ!!
(Shinkuro Bāsasu Shinkuro!!)
21 October 2011

Translated Japanese Synchro VS Synchro!!

English Synchro VS. Synchro!!
5D's Ride 028 Chapter 28 Japanese 共鳴。。。!!
21 November 2011

Translated Japanese Resonance...!!

English Resonance...!!
5D's Ride 29 Chapter 29 Japanese 超速決着!!
(Chōsoku Ketchaku!!)
21 December 2011

Translated Japanese Super-Fast Showdown!!

English Super-Fast Showdown!!
5Ds Ride 30 Chapter 30 Japanese 古の決闘!!
(Inishie no Diaku!!)
21 January 2012

Translated Japanese The Ancient Diak!!

English The Ancient Duel Arena!!
5Ds Ride 31 Chapter 31 Japanese 閃珖竜スターダスト!!
(Senkōryū Sutādasuto!!)
21 February 2012

Translated Japanese Jewel Flare Dragon Stardust!!

English Jewel Flare Dragon Stardust!!
5D's Ride 32 Chapter 32 Japanese 零の攻防!!
(Zero no Kōbō!!)
21 March 2012

Translated Japanese Zero Battle!!

English Zero Battle!!
5D's Ride 033 Chapter 33 Japanese 決闘竜VS決闘竜!!
(Dyueru Doragon Bāsasu Dyueru Doragon!!)
21 April 2012

Translated Japanese Duel Dragon VS Duel Dragon!!

English Duel Dragon vs. Duel Dragon!!
5D's Ride 34 Chapter 34 Japanese 決意・・・!!
21 May 2012

Translated Japanese Resolution...!!

English Determination...!!
Ride 35 Chapter 35 Japanese 激闘!!決闘星宿!!
(Gekitō!! Dyueru Zodiakku!!)
21 June 2012

Translated Japanese Fierce Fight!! The Duel Zodiacs!!

English The Battle for the Duel Zodiacs!!
5D's Ride 36 Chapter 36 Japanese 再戦!!
21 July 2012

Translated Japanese Rematch!!

English Rematch!!
5D's Ride 037 Chapter 37 Japanese 守るべきモノ!!
(Mamoru Beki Mono!!)
21 August 2012

Translated Japanese Someone to Protect!!

English Those We Protect!!
5D's Ride 38 Chapter 38 Japanese 最終章の攻防!!
(Sai Shūshō no Kōbō!!)
21 September 2012

Translated Japanese The Final Chapter Struggle!!

English The Final Chapter Battle!!
5D's Ride 39 Chapter 39 Japanese 決闘門へ!!
(Dyueru Gēto e!!)
21 October 2012

Translated Japanese To the Duel Gate!!

English To the Duel Gate!!
5D's Ride 40 title page Chapter 40 Japanese 陰陽祭!!
21 November 2012

Translated Japanese The Festival of Duality!!

English The Festival of Duality!!
5D's Ride 41 title page Chapter 41 Japanese 決闘巫女!!
(Dyueru Shisutā!!)
21 December 2012

Translated Japanese Duel Sister!!

English Duel Priestess!!
5D's Ride 42 title page Chapter 42 Japanese 蠅王セクト!!
(Haō Sekuto!!)
21 January 2013

Translated Japanese Fly-Lord Sect!!

English Fly-Lord Sect!!
5D's Ride 43 title page Chapter 43 Japanese 影の存在!!
(Kage no Sonzai!!)
21 February 2013

Translated Japanese Existing as a Shadow!!

English Goodwin's Shadow!!
5D's Ride 44 title page Chapter 44 Japanese シンクロキラー!!
21 March 2013

Translated Japanese Synchro Killer!!

English Synchro Killer!!
5D's Ride 45 title page Chapter 45 Japanese 天錠覇王への血路!!
(Tenjō Haō e no Michi!!)
21 April 2013

Translated Japanese The Way Towards Supreme King of the Heavenly Lock!!

English The Way to the King of Sky's Lock!!
5D's Ride 46 title page Chapter 46 Japanese 父子激突!!
(Oyako Gekitotsu!!)
21 May 2013

Translated Japanese Father Against Son!!

English Father Against Son!!
5D's Ride 47 title page Chapter 47 Japanese 疾走!南天回廊!!
(Shissō! Nanten Kairō!!)
21 June 2013

Translated Japanese Sprint! The Southern-Sky Corridor!!

English Southern Corridor Sprint!!
5D's Ride 48 title page Chapter 48 Japanese 激闘流転!!
(Gekitō Ruten!!)
21 July 2013

Translated Japanese The Tides of Battle!!

English The Tides of Battle!!
5D's Ride 49 title page Chapter 49 Japanese 激流!北天回廊!!
(Gekiryū! Hokuten Kairō!!)
21 August 2013

Translated Japanese Raging Stream! The Northern-Sky Corridor!!

English Northern Corridor Fury!!
5D's Ride 50 Chapter 50 Japanese 運命のラストドロー!!
(Unmei no Rasuto Dorō!!)
21 September 2013

Translated Japanese Last Draw of Destiny!!

English Last Draw of Destiny!!
5D's Ride 51 title page Chapter 51 Japanese 追憶・・・!!
21 October 2013

Translated Japanese Recollection...!!

English Memory...!!
5D's Ride 52 title page Chapter 52 Japanese 究極神!咆哮!!
(Kyūkyoku-shin! Hōkō!!)
21 November 2013

Translated Japanese The Ultimate God Roars!!

English The Ultimate God Roars!!
5D's Ride 53 title page Chapter 53 Japanese 漆黒の翼!!
(Shikkoku no Tsubasa!!)
21 December 2013

Translated Japanese Jet Black Wings!!

English Jet Black Wings!!
5D's Ride 54 title page Chapter 54 Japanese 友への想い・・・!!
(Tomo e no Omoi...!!)
21 January 2014

Translated Japanese Thoughts for a Friend...!!

English Thoughts for a Friend...!!
5D's Ride 55 title page Chapter 55 Japanese 絆の結晶!!
(Kizuna no Kesshō!!)
21 February 2014

Translated Japanese The Crystal of Bonds!!

English Bond's Reward!!
5D's Ride 56 title page Chapter 56 Japanese 閃光の先に・・・!!
(Senkō no Saki ni...!!)
20 March 2014

Translated Japanese Beyond the Flash...!!

English Beyond the Flash...!!
5D's Ride 57 title page Chapter 57 Japanese 光のフィール!!
(Hikari no Fīru!!)
21 April 2014

Translated Japanese The Feel of Light!!

English Light Sense!!
5D's Ride 58 Chapter 58 Japanese 覚醒!!
21 May 2014

Translated Japanese Awakening!!

English Awakening!!
5D's Ride 59 Chapter 59 Japanese 最終決戦!!
(Saishū Kessen!!)
21 June 2014

Translated Japanese The Final Showdown!!

English The Final Showdown!!
5D's Ride 60 Chapter 60 Japanese 神の僕!!
(Kami no Dekki!!)
21 July 2014

Translated Japanese Deck of a God!!

English Deck of a God!!
5D's Ride 61 Chapter 61 Japanese 神の決闘!!
(Diaku Kwien!!)
21 August 2014

Translated Japanese Divine Duel!!

English Divine Duel!!
5D's Ride 62 Chapter 62 Japanese 祈り・・・!!
21 September 2014

Translated Japanese Prayers...!!

English Prayers!!
5D's Ride 63 Chapter 63 Japanese 復讐の原点!!
(Fukushū no Genten!!)
21 October 2014

Translated Japanese Origin of Revenge!!

English Origin of Revenge!!
5D's Ride 64 Chapter 64 Japanese 超越!!
21 November 2014

Translated Japanese Transcendence!!

English Rise Above!!
5D's Ride 65 Chapter 65 Japanese 集いし光!!
(Tsudoishi Hikari!!)
21 December 2014

Translated Japanese Gathering Light!!

English Gathering Light!!
5D's Ride 66 Chapter 66 Japanese 儀式を制し者!!
(Gishiki wo Seishi Mono!!)
21 January 2015

Translated Japanese Ruler of the Ritual!!

English Ruler of the Ritual!!
5D's Ride SP1 Chapter  Japanese 統一皇帝決定戦!!
(Enperā Ketteisen!!)
4 June 2015

Translated Japanese The Emperor Playoff!!

English The Duel Emperor Finals!!
5D's Ride SP2 Chapter 2 Japanese 永遠の決闘疾走者!!
(Etānaru Raidingu Dyuerisuto!!)
4 June 2015

Translated Japanese Eternal Riding Duelist!!

English Eternal Turbo Duelist!!

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