Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia unlockables

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Clothes and Disks

  • Defeat Yusei 10 times in a turbo duel and get his coat.
  • Defeat him 10x in a normal duel and you get his duel disc.
  • Defeat Crow 10x in a turbo duel and get black bird disc!
  • Beat Leo and Luna in 10 Tag Duels to get Leo's dual disc.
  • Beat Jack 10 times in both Duels and Turbo Duels to get wheel of fortune disc!
  • Beat Jack 10 times in both Duels and Turbo Duels to unlock his coat!
  • Defeat Akiza 10x in a turbo duel to get witches dress (if female)

Tag Partners

  • Akiza - Defeat her in a normal duel 3x
  • Annie & Itsuki - Defeat Team Two cute 3x
  • Bolt & Blister - Defeat team A duel of men 3x
  • Corse & Figaro - Defeat team New old lesson 3x
  • Crow (ascending legends) - Unlock during the story
  • Hashinoshima & Igusa - Defeat Team Outlaws 3x
  • Jack - Defeat him in a normal duel 3x
  • Luna & Leo - Defeat Team Celebrity Twins 3x
  • Mitchie & Torino - Defeat Team Known Troublemakers 3x
  • Morrison & Angie - Defeat Team Light & Darkness 3x
  • Okita & Liquid - Defeat Team Similar pairs 3x
  • Yusei & Crow (Storming Blackwinds) - Defeat Team Shooting Birds 3x

CPU's Single Duelists

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