The Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer promotional cards (遊戯王5D's DUEL TRANSERデュエルトランサー 同梱カード) are a set of three Ultra Rare cards, "Ape Fighter", "Closed Forest" and "Roaring Earth", included with the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer. They are support for Beast-Type monsters, which were used by the Dark Signer Devack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.



Set number English name German name Rarity Category
YDT1-DE001 Ape Fighter Affenkämpfer Super Rare Effect Monster
YDT1-DE002 Closed Forest Versperrter Wald Super Rare Field Spell Card
YDT1-DE003 Roaring Earth Tosende Erde Super Rare Continuous Trap Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
YDT1-IT001 Ape Fighter Scimmione Lottatore Super Rare Effect Monster
YDT1-IT002 Closed Forest Foresta Chiusa Super Rare Field Spell Card
YDT1-IT003 Roaring Earth Terra Ruggente Super Rare Continuous Trap Card

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
YDT1-SP001 Ape Fighter Simio Luchador Super Rare Effect Monster
YDT1-SP002 Closed Forest Bosque Cerrado Super Rare Field Spell Card
YDT1-SP003 Roaring Earth Tierra Rugiente Super Rare Continuous Trap Card

Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
YDT1-JP001 Ape Fighter ファイターズ・エイプ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
YDT1-JP002 Closed Forest クローザー・フォレスト Ultra Rare Field Spell Card
YDT1-JP003 Roaring Earth たけだい Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card


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