Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 051

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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 051



Kudakareta Sennen Pazuru

Japanese translation

The Shattered Millennium Puzzle


The Mystery Duelist, Part 2

Episode number


Japanese air date

April 17, 2001

English air date

November 16, 2002

Japanese opening


English opening

Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme (airing on TV)
Season Two theme (on DVD)

Japanese ending

The Afternoon of that Day

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The Mystery Duelist, Part 2, known as The Shattered Millennium Puzzle in the Japanese version, is the fifty-first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!. It aired in Japan on April 17, 2001, and in the US on November 16, 2002.


Yami Bakura arrives and severs the connection that bonded Keith and Marik Ishtar together, freeing Keith from the Ishtar hold. He then alters a piece he picked up so that he can ensure his control over the Millennium Puzzle. Yami Bakura thinks up the plan for his take over of all Millennium Items. Ishtar/Keith shatters the puzzle. Yami Bakura leaves, and Bandit Keith starts a fire and leaves, too. Yugi struggles to put the puzzle back together fast. He rathers the spirit survive than himself. Joey, Tristan, and Téa arrive outside the now inflamed building. Joey and Tristan break into the burning building. Yugi who got dizzy from the heat and smoke refuses to leave without the puzzle, his hands attached to it. They then struggle to get Yugi to leave and then figure that the only way to save Yugi is to get the puzzle. They finally figure out a way and free the puzzle from the wall and the trio then arrive safely outside with the now weak, unconscious Yugi, in Tristan's arms.

Yugi is then at the hospital and thanks everyone for their help. He know he has a journey to undertake. But who wants the puzzle now? What's next?

Major events

  • Keith is under the control of Marik Ishtar, who cheats during this Duel.
  • Whoever wins this Duel gets to keep the Millennium Puzzle, which Keith stole earlier disguised as a fortune teller.
  • Yugi is forced to Duel without Yami.
  • The duel has no result, as Keith breaks free of Marik's control due to Yami Bakura freeing Keith's mind. Keith still had "Seiyaryu" on the field, so the pressure was still on Yugi. However, the outcome could have gone either way.

Featured Duel: Yugi Muto vs. "Bandit" Keith Howard

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Turn 11: Yugi
Yugi draws "Koumori Dragon" and subsequently sets it.

Turn 12: Keith
Keith draws "Seiyaryu" and subsequently Normal Summons it (2500/2300) in Attack Position. Keith's hand contains "Solemn Judgment", "Ground Attacker Bugroth", "Curse of Fiend", and "Stop Defense". Keith secretly uses the mechanical claw in his hand to swap "Ground Attacker Bugroth" with "Magic Jammer". He then Sets "Magic Jammer"and activates "Stop Defense" to switch Yugi's Set monster, "Koumori Dragon" (1700/1200) into Attack Position. "Zera the Mant" attacks and destroys "Koumori Dragon" (Yugi 1500 → 400).

Turn 13: Yugi
Yugi draws. He then Sets a monster.

Turn 14: Keith
Keith draws. "Seiyaryu" attacks and destroys Yugi's Set monster. It's revealed to be "Mystical Elf" (800/2000). Keith then Sets 2 cards face-down. Next Keith switches "Zera the Mant" to Defense Position.

Turn 15: Yugi
Yugi draws "Mirror Force". He then sets one card and Normal Summons "Dark Magician" (2500/2100) in Defense Position. Yugi then activates "Magical Hats" to create four hats and hide his "Dark Magician" in one of them.

Turn 16: Keith
Keith draws. Keith then activates "Magic Jammer" to discard 1 card from his hand, negate the effect of "Magical Hats", and destroy the latter. This removes the hats created by the effect of "Magical Hats". On Keith's Standby Phase, he activates "Curse of Fiend" to switch the Battle Position of every monster on the field; "Seiyaryu" is switched to Defense Position while "Zera the Mant" and "Dark Magician" are switched to Attack Position. "Zera the Mant" attacks "Dark Magician", but Yugi activates "Mirror Force" to destroy all Attack Position monsters Keith controls, however Keith activates "Solemn Judgment" to pay half of his Life Points (Keith 500 → 250), negate the effect of "Mirror Force", and destroy the latter card. "Zera the Mant" destroys "Dark Magician" (Yugi 400 → 100).

Turn 17: Yugi
Yugi draws a card and subsequently sets it. He then sets a monster.

Turn 18: Keith
Keith draws. He then secretly swaps a card in his hand with "Tribute to the Doomed". Keith then activates "Tribute to The Doomed" to discard 1 card from his hand and destroy Yugi's Set monster, but Yugi activates "Living Arrow" to change the target of "Tribute to the Doomed" to "Zera the Mant", destroying the latter instead.

The Duel, at this point, ends due to Yami Bakura's interference.

After Keith breaks free of Marik Ishtar's control due to Yami Bakura setting his mind free, he shatters the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi quickly regathers the pieces. Yami Bakura secretly puts a piece of his spirit into one of the Millennium Puzzle pieces before he leaves. When Marik tries to take back control of Keith, he swings a metal bar around in an attempt to stop Marik. This action unintentionally hits a control box to the Duel platform, setting the warehouse on fire. Keith flees the warehouse as Marik tries to regain control of him. Yugi finishes fixing the puzzle just before he collapses. Joey and Tristan quickly rescue Yugi and his puzzle before the fire envelops the entire warehouse.


  • When Tristan and Joey were trying to free the Millenium Puzzle, all they had to do was simply unclip the carabiner that connected the puzzle's chain to the bolt instead of bashing the bolt with the metal poles and prying it loose.

Differences in adaptations

  • Cut from the US version where Jounouchi, trying again to pull the Puzzle free, feels it activate in his hands. Yami Yugi appears and tells him to pull out the bolt with the pipe. Jounouchi's pretty startled, but quickly gets the idea.


  • Keith had one card in his hand by the end of turn 14. However he had two cards in his hand when he activated "Magic Jammer".
  • Yugi's score is shown to drop from 1500 to 400, a difference of 1100 but the battle damage he took from Zera the Mant (2800 ATK) vs Koumori Dragon's ATK (1500) is 1300 and should've brought his score down to 200. In this case, he would have lost the duel because he loses 300 life points when Zera the Mant destroys Dark Magician.
  • Marik claims, in the dub, that Yugi had fought and defeated Bandit Keith in Duelist Kingdom, but it was actually Joey that fought and defeated Bandit Keith in Duelist Kingdom.
  • In the dub, after Keith switches Zera the Mant to defense position, it is still shown in attack mode on Yugi's screen.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yugi Muto
"Bandit" Keith Howard


  1. This was played as a Magic Card. It is a Trap Card in the TCG/OCG.
  2. This card can be seen in Keith's hand before he illegally switches this card with "Magic Jammer".

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