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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 011

友情パワー! バーバリアン1号・2号


Yūjō Pawā! Bābarian Ichigō Nigō

Japanese translation

Friendship Power! Barbarian #1 & #2


The Dueling Monkey

Episode number


Japanese air date

June 27, 2000

English air date

December 15, 2001

Japanese opening


English opening

Season one theme

Japanese ending

Energizing Shower

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The Dueling Monkey, known as Friendship Power! Barbarian #1 & #2 in the Japanese version, is the eleventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime. Since Joey defeated her, Mai finds she no longer enjoys dueling as much as she used to and vows to get revenge. When Rex Raptor challenges her, she says she will take him on, but only if he beats Joey first. Does Joey have what it takes to win his second duel, especially since Mai has told Yugi not to coach him from the sidelines?


Yugi and the others are still searching for Mokuba. Tristan says those thugs must have snatched him back to Pegasus' castle. Téa says now they have Yugi's Grandpa and Kaiba's brother, too. They turn to look at the Castle in the distance. Yugi is more determined than ever to win ten Star Chips so he can get in there, and Joey agrees.

Then Joey notices some Duel Monsters cards on the ground, and bends down to pick them up, saying it's his lucky day. But Tristan tells him hands off, they're his, Tristan figures if someone like Joey can hold his own in this game, he'll probably be an expert at it. (Japanese, Honda says he thinks the game is interesting, so he bought some cards and brought them with him.)

Joey picks up one of Tristan's cards, saying it looks familiar. Yugi says he's seen that card in Joey's Deck, but Joey says it's not exactly the same, but he thinks he has something like it. He pulls out his own card, "Swamp Battleguard" ("Barbarian #2" in the Japanese), and says the two Battleguards look like long-lost brothers, but Tristan's Lava Battleguard ("Barbarian #1" in the Japanese) doesn't pack the same wallop as his. Tristan says his wallop is just fine! His "Lava Battleguard" has never let him down, and Joey should try it out sometime. Joey thanks him, and says it does say they work best together. (Japanese, Jounouchi says it's better to have the set, and asks Honda to give him his card. When Honda protests, Jounouchi says it should be okay, Honda doesn't use it anyway, so it won't be any disadvantage to him. Honda finally says Jounouchi can borrow it for a while.) Téa says she sees a resemblance between Joey and Tristan and those muscleheads. Joey takes it as a compliment. (Japanese Anzu tells them they're acting like Idiot #1 and Idiot #2. Jounouchi yells at Yugi for laughing, and Yugi says, Sorry!)

Meanwhile, Mai has just defeated yet another player by destroying her opponent's Feral Imp with "Harpie Lady Sisters", but she feels pretty bored about it. Later, she watches the sunset and wonders why she can't enjoy wiping out hotshot duelists any more. The answer is a huge image of grinning Joey in the sky above her head. She can't believe such an amateur beat her, and she's determined to get even with him.

Rex Raptor shows up to challenge her, saying he's itching to finish that match they started on the boat. She says she already knocked him on his butt, and tells him to beat it. He informs her he was a finalist in the regionals, and already has five Star Chips, but she shows off her own eight. She's only lost once, she tells him, and once she finds that punk Joey, it's payback. He wonders how she could lose to Joey Wheeler, and she says she'd like to see him try. (Japanese, Mai says she's already decided who she's going to Duel next. Rex thinks it's Yugi, and says he can beat him.) That gives Mai an idea. She'll Duel Rex, if he does something for her first.

Back in the meadow, the gang watch the other duelists wandering around, and Téa says it's nice to see some normal kids for a change. Tristan nudges Joey, asking him if any of these tykes are puny enough for him to take on, or does he want to go looking for some three-year-olds. Téa tells him to be nice, Joey's just biding his time until he finds a dueling monkey to challenge. (Japanese, Anzu says these kids don't look very strong. One of them would be a good opponent for Jounouchi. Honda says he doesn't know, some of them look like they have potential. Anzu agrees, but says she can't think of anyone weaker than Jounouchi. Honda agrees, while Yugi snickers.) Joey's pretty steamed, but before he can get really worked up, Mai shows up. (Cut from the English version is this bit where Mai taunts the whole gang by saying that the way they stick together, were they ducks in a past life?)

Mai asks Joey if Yugi's still fighting all his battles for him. Everyone knows if Yugi hadn't been there to hold his hand, Joey wouldn't have beat her. Yugi says that isn't true, so Mai says she proposes that Joey step out of his shadow here and now. If Joey thinks he's so tough, let's see him play for himself. (Japanese, Mai asks Yugi if he doesn't think Jounouchi is wasting his time, Yugi'd already be in Pegasus' castle if it weren't for Jounouchi. Yugi doesn't know what to say. Mai says she's not there to challenge Yugi—her target is Jounouchi.)

Mai challenges Joey to fight the duelist she's arranged for him. Rex steps up, saying that he's dueling for Mai. Joey thinks Rex doesn't look so tough, but Téa reminds him that Rex placed second in the regionals. (Japanese, Jounouchi asks Ryuuzaki if he's Mai's servant, and says he envies him. Anzu tells Jounouchi he's an idiot, and warns him not to accept.) Joey says it's his fight, but Téa asks him what he's trying to prove, and Tristan agrees, urging him to pick his battles.

Rex grins, thinking he can't believe Mai offered to Duel him just for stomping this "amateurus rex." And Mai thinks that Joey had Yugi's help when he beat her, so having Rex do her dirty work is the perfect revenge. She tells them that if little Yugi does any of his backseat dueling, Joey will automatically be disqualified, and the Duel will go to Rex. This is Joey's big chance to prove himself, she says. Or will he back out? (Japanese, Mai thinks that she wants revenge on Jounouchi, but it doesn't feel right to Duel him herself. But if she beats Ryuzaki, who is better than Jounouchi, then maybe the Duel she had with Jounouchi can be washed away.)

Téa says,"of course he is!" (Japanese, Anzu sputters, "That... that's...") But Joey puts out a hand to hold her back, and says that's how he wants it, just him and Rex. It may cost him all his Star Chips, but he doesn't deserve to keep them if the only reason he's winning is because of Yugi. All his life, he says, people are trying to help him because they think he can't help himself. He doesn't need to be babied this time. (Japanese, Jounouchi accepts Mai's condition. Then he says, he must be really foolish, if he loses his Star Chips, he won't be able to stay on the island. But he wants to win with his own abilities. He doesn't want to hold Yugi back.)

Tristan thinks Joey's lost it. He says Joey can believe whatever he wants, but he won't stand there and watch him throw his chips away. He tells Mai that little Joey won't be coming out to play today. Maybe once he grows up, they can arrange a playdate. (Japanese, Honda asks Jounouchi what he's thinking, he only came in eighth in a local competition! Then he tells Mai, sorry, Jounouchi didn't mean it.)

Joey loses it, and as the gang watch in horror as Tristan ends up on the ground. (Japanese, Jounouchi yells at Honda to mind his own business, and the sound of a punch is heard.) Joey says he's tired of everyone thinking they have to come to his rescue. Yugi says that's not how it is, friends look out for each other. Joey tells him to keep out of it, and just let him do what he has to do. (Japanese, Jounouchi says Mai is right, if he weren't there, Yugi would already be... Yugi protests that he doesn't think of it that way. But Jounouchi says, if he can't win a duel on his own, he'd rather lose.)

Tristan stands up, telling Joey to go ahead and do what he has to do, even if it means losing the chance to help his sister. Joey thinks of Serenity, telling his sister he'll make her proud.

Téa tells them to cool off, but Tristan walks away in disgust, saying if Mr. Macho wants to lose, he can do it all by himself. Still determined, Joey accepts Rex and Mai's challenge, telling Yugi he wants him to keep out of this one. Reluctantly, Yugi agrees.

A dueling arena rises out of the ground, and the players take their stations, as Téa tells Joey they believe in him, and not to forget what he's fighting for. Joey thinks he's got that part down—it's who he's fighting that's making him sweat. (Japanese, Anzu tells Jounouchi, "Gambatte," or "Do your best." Jounouchi thinks, now that he thinks about the condition, it makes him very nervous.) Mai reminds Rex of their deal, beat Joey, and he gets to Duel her. Joey accuses Rex of being Mai's attack dog, but Rex says at least he's no dueling monkey, which makes Joey burst into flames. (Japanese, Mai tells Ryuzaki he has to beat Jounouchi in order to win his prize. Jounouchi asks what the prize is, but Ryuzaki says he's not telling.)

Joey bets both his Star Chips. Rex is happy to accept that bet, saying he bets Joey's Deck isn't even prepared for the fields they'll be playing on. (Japanese, Ryuzaki says his field is wilderness, while Jounouchi's is mountains.) Joey thinks, he still has a hard time telling one field from another, let alone using them in any strategic way. His best bet is going to be to hit Rex hard and fast with his Baby Dragon–Time Wizard combo. It worked on Mai, and he hopes it will do the trick again. (Japanese, Jounouchi thinks, Ryuzaki is a strong duelist with his Dinosaur Deck. But Jounouchi has the trump cards that won over Mai.)

The duel begins. Yugi tells Téa to cheer Joey on, while he goes to see about something.

Joey's in luck, having drawn both "Baby Dragon" and "Time Wizard" in his opening hand. He giggles happily, but then he notices that Yugi's gone, too. He wonders where Yugi went, but shrugs it off, thinking, wait till Yugi sees what Joey did all by himself. He plays "Baby Dragon" in Defense Position, thinking he's got it in the bag, but Rex plays "Two-Headed King Rex" and attacks, destroying "Baby Dragon" before Joey has a chance to play his combo. Téa calls out encouragement, saying everybody makes mistakes, but Mai says Joey's big mistake was in agreeing to the Duel in the first place.

With Joey's "Baby Dragon" crushed, Rex says, his "Two-Headed King Rex" can terrorize the field for the rest of the match.

Joey plays "Leogun", and attacks, not realizing that "Two-Headed King Rex's" ATK is powered up to 2080 by the wilderness field bonus. Joey's monster is destroyed, and he's down to 1670 Life Points. Joey says he's still got plenty to serve up, assuming he's got this field power bonus thing figured out. He plays "Axe Raider", which gets boosted to 2210, and destroys the "Two-Headed King Rex", taking Rex down to 1870 Life Points.

Rex Raptor comes right back with "Sword Arm of Dragon" (1750 ATK, boosted to 2275) and destroys "Axe Raider", taking Joey down to 1605 Life Points.

Joey's lost three monsters in three turns. Even with the field power bonus, he thinks, he can't beat Rex. Téa tries to urge him on, telling him they're all right behind him, but he can't help feeling abandoned by Yugi and Tristan. (Japanese, Anzu asks Jounouchi what he's doing, and tells him to pay attention!)

Meanwhile, Tristan's sitting at the edge of a stream, splashing some cold water on his face, and calling Joey a nimrod and a big dumb jerk, when Yugi finds him. Tristan asks what Yugi is doing there, he should be helping Joey. Yugi says Joey made it pretty clear he didn't want Yugi's help on this one, and since Tristan left, Yugi thought maybe he should, too. Tristan protests that, without Yugi's coaching, Joey won't last two minutes with Rex. He doesn't care what Joey says, Yugi has to go back there and help him. But Yugi says he can't do that. Joey has to fight this duel on his own, and Yugi has to let him. (Japanese, Yugi says, since he can't give advice, it doesn't matter if he's there. Honda says it does matter, although Yugi has to keep his promise, he should be there to show his friendship. Yugi says he won't talk to Jounouchi until the Duel is finished.)

Tristan grabs Yugi by the collar, but Yugi stands his ground, reminding Tristan that if Yugi goes back on his promise and helps Joey, Joey will be disqualified. They have to believe in Joey, so Joey will believe in himself. Tristan turns away, saying maybe he doesn't think Joey can win. Yugi says it's not about winning, it's about Joey learning to be a strong big brother for his sister. Even though Joey doesn't need their help, he needs their support. (Japanese, Yugi says that Jounouchi wants to win this Duel on his own, and he thinks it will be better for Shizuka, too. Tristan turns away, saying, "But then...." Yugi continues, saying that Jounouchi worried a lot before accepting this challenge. Honda can show his friendship for Jounouchi best by being there for him. Jounouchi will understand his feelings.)

Joey tries to pull himself together, reminding himself that his little sister is counting on him. There has to be something in this hand he can play.... (Japanese, Jounouchi wonders where Yugi went. then he shakes his head, thinking that he's so dependent, always thinking about Yugi. He has to rely on himself, for Shizuka. But he hasn't got any cards that can beat Ryuzaki's Dinosaurs.) Then he notices his "Time Wizard". Too bad he doesn't have his "Baby Dragon" to play it with any more, but he thinks it couldn't hurt to put it out on the field, anyway. He sets "Time Wizard" face-down (he plays it in the Magic & Trap Card Zone, even though it's a monster card), announcing it as he does so. Mai thinks, that's the card Joey used to beat her. (Japanese, Jounouchi doesn't say what card he's setting, but Mai thinks that it must be "Time Magician".) She should warn Rex, and calls out to him to watch that "Time Wizard". (Japanese, Mai calls out to Ryuzaki, but he's already thinking that the card must be "Time Magician"). But Rex isn't worried, without Yugi's help, he says, that chump doesn't even know how to use it. He thinks Joey will play a monster next, and he'll be in for the prehistoric pounding of his life! Mai thinks maybe Rex is right. Joey only beat her "Harpie Ladies" because Yugi coached him.

Joey then plays "Rock Ogre Grotto #1 in Defense Position. Rex Raptor counters with "Megazowler" (1800 ATK, raised to 2340 by the field power bonus), and destroys Rock Ogre. Next, Joey plays "Flame Swordsman" (1800 ATK, also raised to 2340 by the field power bonus), and attacks Rex's Megazowler. The two monsters battle, and Rex's monster is destroyed, to Rex's great surprise, taking Rex down to 1330 Life Points. How could a Swordsman beat a Dinosaur? Joey's just as surprised. Mai thinks there's no way Joey could have known that Dinosaurs are especially vulnerable to fire. She thinks Joey lucked out on that one. Joey laughs, saying it looks like he found the secret to beating Rex's dinos. Rex plays "Sword Arm of Dragon" in Defense Position, and "Flame Swordsman" destroys it, along with the next two monsters Rex puts out on the field. (The two monsters appear to be "Crawling Dragon #2" and "Uraby", which is what they are in the manga, although they're not named in the anime.)

Téa cheers, but Rex says it's far from over. One card won't win this for him. So Joey plays his "Swamp Battleguard" (1800 ATK, raised to 2340 by the field power bonus). Rex says he has a beast that will wipe that smirk off Joey's face permanently, and draws, smiling at the card in his hand. He plays "Serpent Night Dragon" (2350 ATK), telling Joey that this rare card is awarded to the elite few who reach the finals of the regional championships. "Serpent Night Dragon" destroys "Flame Swordsman". Joey's lost his best monster, and doesn't know what to do. There's not a monster in his Deck that can save him now. Then he draws Tristan's "Lava Battleguard" (1550 ATK), and thinks that Tristan always shows up somehow.

Joey flashes back to a time when he was defending a little kid against a gang of punks. Just as the punks were about to gang up on Joey, Tristan showed up and joined the fight. Afterwards, Tristan told Joey he should have called him, and offered Joey a hand up, but Joey slapped his hand away, asking Tristan what he was doing there. Joey told Tristan he could have taken those guys, and walked away, saying he didn't need to be babied.

Now, as Joey looks at Tristan's card, it finally hits him. Tristan's always been looking out for him, not because Joey needs help, but because he's a true friend. Just then, Tristan and Yugi show up, and Tristan tells Joey they're there for him. (Japanese, Honda says, "That idiot can't do anything without me.") So, Tristan asks, is Joey going to take that card of his for a test drive?

Joey says, "you got it!", and plays Tristan's "Lava Battleguard". Tristan thinks it's cool that his card is on the field. Rex says, what a touching reunion, and tells his "Serpent Night Dragon" to attack the green one, "Swamp Battleguard". But the attack fails, and Serpent Night Dragon is destroyed. How was his dragon's attack repelled? Then Tristan realizes—the red one blocked for the green one. Joey says Tristan's card was there, just when he needed it most, and Yugi agrees—those two monsters are like best friends, so when they're together on the field, they help power each other up. Just like how Tristan and Joey watch out for each other in real life. Tristan turns to Joey on he playing field, saying that's what being a buddy is all about. Joey tells him thanks for everything, and Tristan gives him thumbs up.

"What a team!" Yugi says. Not only did they take out Rex's monster, they made a nice dent in his life points, too. Rex is down to 840. Joey says, and now that they're together again..., and Tristan finishes, there's not a monster Rex has that can stop them. (Japanese, Jounouchi says he'd better counterattack while he can, and Honda adds, they'll fight together!)

But Rex Raptor thinks that they'd better celebrate while they can, because their party's about to be crashed. He laughs, as the silhouette of a huge dragon rises behind him.

Featured Duels

Mai Valentine vs. unknown opponent

Duel already in progress. Mai controls "Harpie Lady Sisters" while her opponent controls an unknown monster.

Turn ?: Mai
"Harpie Lady Sisters" attacks and destroys the opponent's monster (Mai's opponent 650 → 0).

Joey Wheeler vs. Rex Raptor

Turn 1: Joey
Joey's hand contains "Baby Dragon", "Time Wizard", "Leogun", "Axe Raider", and "Time Wizard". Joey Normal Summons "Baby Dragon" (1200/700) in Defense Position.

Turn 2: Rex
Rex Normal Summons "Two-Headed King Rex" (1600/1200) in Attack Position. "Two-Headed King Rex" attacks and destroys "Baby Dragon".

Turn 3: Joey
Joey draws. Joey Normal Summons "Leogun" (1750/1550) in Attack Position. "Leogun" attacks "Two-Headed King Rex". However, Rex reveals to Joey that "Two-Headed King Rex" received a field power bonus from the wasteland area ("Two-Headed King Rex": 1600 → 2080/1200 → 1560). "Two-Headed King Rex" destroys "Leogun" (Joey 2000 → 1670).

Turn 4: Rex
Rex passes.

Turn 5: Joey
Joey Normal Summons "Axe Raider" (1700/1150) in Attack Position. Since the field is part grassland, "Axe Raider" gains a Field Power Bonus ("Axe Raider": 1700 → 2210/1150 → 1495). "Axe Raider" attacks and destroys "Two-Headed King Rex" (Rex 2000 → 1870).

Turn 6: Rex
Rex draws. He then Normal Summons "Sword Arm of Dragon" (1750/2030) in Attack Position. "Sword Arm of Dragon" gain a Field Power Bonus from the wasteland area ("Sword Arm of Dragon": 1750 → 2275/2030 → 2639). "Sword Arm of Dragon" attacks and destroys "Axe Raider" (Joey 1670 → 1605).

Turn 7: Joey
Joey draws. He then Sets a monster and sets "Time Wizard" in the Magic & Trap Card Zone.

Turn 8: Rex
Rex Normal Summons "Megazowler" (1800/2000) in Attack Position. "Megazowler" gains a Field Power Bonus from the wasteland area ("Megazowler": 1800 → 2340/2000 → 2600). "Megazowler" attacks and destroys Joey's Set monster. It's revealed to be Rock Ogre Grotto #1 (800/1200).

Turn 9: Joey
Joey draws. He then Normal Summons "Flame Swordsman" (1800/1600) in Attack Position. "Flame Swordsman" gains a Field Power Bonus since the field is part grassland ("Flame Swordsman": 1800 → 2340/1600 → 2080).

Turn 10: Rex
Rex draws. "Megazowler" attacks "Flame Swordsman". "Megazowler" then loses its Field Power Bonus ("Megazowler": 2340 → 1800/2600 → 2000) as Dinosaur-Type monsters lose the Field Power Bonus when fighting a Fire-Attribute monster. "Flame Swordsman" then destroys "Megazowler" (Rex 1870 → 1330). Rex switches "Sword Arm of Dragon" to Defense Position.

Turn 11: Joey
Joey draws. Flame Swordsman attacks "Sword Arm of Dragon". "Sword Arm of Dragon" then loses its Field Power Bonus ("Sword Arm of Dragon": 2275 → 1750/2639 → 2030). "Flame Swordsman" then destroys "Sword Arm of Dragon".

Turn 12: Rex
Rex draws. He then Sets a monster.

Turn 13: Joey
Joey draws. "Flame Swordsman" attacks and destroys Rex's Set monster. It's revealed to be "Crawling Dragon #2" (1600/1200).

Turn 14: Rex
Rex draws. He then Sets a monster.

Turn 15: Joey
Joey draws. "Flame Swordsman" attacks and destroys Rex's Set monster. It's revealed to be "Uraby" (1500/800). Joey Normal Summons "Swamp Battleguard" (1800/1500) in Attack Position. "Swamp Battleguard" gains a Field Power Bonus from the grassland area ("Swamp Battleguard": 1800 → 2340/1500 → 1950).

Turn 16: Rex
Rex draws "Serpent Night Dragon" and subsequently Normal Summons it (2350/2400) in Attack Position. "Serpent Night Dragon" attacks and destroys "Flame Swordsman" (Joey 1605 → 1595).

Turn 17: Joey
Joey draws "Lava Battleguard" and subsequently Normal Summons it (1550/1800) in Attack Position. "Lava Battleguard" gains a Field Power Bonus from the grassland area ("Lava Battleguard": 1550 → 2015/1800 → 2340).

Turn 18: Rex
Rex draws. "Serpent Night Dragon" attacks "Swamp Battleguard", but due to the effect of "Swamp Battleguard", it gains 500 ATK for each "Lava Battleguard" on Joey's side of the field ("Swamp Battleguard": 2340 → 2840/1500 → 1950). (Although unmentioned, "Lava Battleguard" gains 500 Attack Points for each "Swamp Battleguard" on Joey's side of the field due to its effect ("Lava Battleguard": 2015 → 2515/1800 → 2340)). "Swamp Battleguard" destroys "Serpent Night Dragon" (Rex 1330 → 840).

Duel concludes next episode.

Differences in adaptations

  • A graphic showing how many Star Chips Yugi and Joey have is removed from the English version.
  • Cut from the dub: Mai taunts Yugi and his friends that the way they stick together are like ducks in a past life.
  • Cut from the dub: a mother duck being followed by her ducklings behind Yugi and friends.
  • In the Japanese version Flame Swordsman has a yellow background, in the dub it has a purple background.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Joey Wheeler
Rex Raptor
Tristan Taylor
Mai Valentine
Unknown Duelist
Joey's thoughts


  1. This card was played as a Normal Monster. It is a Fusion Monster in the TCG/OCG.
  2. This card was seen in Joey's hand only in the Dub.
  3. This card was seen in Joey's hand.
  4. This card belongs to Tristan, but Joey borrows it.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 This card was played as a Magic Card. It is an Effect Monster in the TCG/OCG.

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