Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 003

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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 003



Ushinawareshi Ekuzodia

Japanese translation

The Lost Exodia


Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

Episode number


Japanese air date

May 5, 2000

English air date

October 13, 2001

Japanese opening


English opening

Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme

Japanese ending

Energizing Shower

English ending

Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme

  • Masashi Sogo
  • Toru Yamada
  • Toru Yamada
Animation director
  • Masahiro Hamamori
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"Journey to the Duelist Kingdom", known as "The Lost Exodia" in Japan, is the third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime. It first aired in Japan on May 5, 2000 and in the United States on October 13, 2001.

Yugi and Joey attend the ferry to Duelist Kingdom with Téa and Tristan who are sneaking onboard as well. Yugi and Joey meet some of the world's top Duelists, most of whom aren't too friendly towards the Duelist who beat Seto Kaiba.

Changes to the English version

  • In the dub, when Yugi is on the Domino High School roof, he wonders why Pegasus stole his Grandpa's soul and what Pegasus wants with him, and vows to get Grandpa back.
  • In the Japanese version, Yugi thinks Pegasus has the power to see into others' hearts. He wonders how he can beat this guy. But he has to do it. Pegasus has taken his Grandpa, and he must get back what is important.
  • In the dub, when Yugi was on the Domino High School roof. Pegasus and Grandpa's faces were floating in the sky. In the Japanese version, it was just Pegasus.
  • The writing on Ushio's armband has been removed in the English version.
  • Ushio is unnamed in the dub.
  • In the dub, when Téa was on the ship, she was cold and Tristan says to her the sun will come up in a few hours.
  • In the Japanese version, Anzu (Téa) needed to go to the bathroom so badly because there were no bathrooms on the ship. Honda (Tristan) tells her to pee over the side and Anzu replies "I'm not a boy!"
  • A few shots of Téa needing to use the bathroom are cut from the dub.
  • Mai sitting behind the table and a zoom in of her skirt is replaced in the dub with a shot of her cards.
  • Cut from the end of the dub episode is a shot of Yami appearing in the sky telling Weevil that he's going down first.

Featured Cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yugi Muto
Joey Wheeler
Mai Valentine[Notes 5]
Unknown Duelist Kid


  • This marks the first episode to not feature duelling unless you count the snippet of Mai vs. Rex.
  • This is the only episode that says "Last Time On Yu-Gi-Oh!" instead of "Previously On Yu-Gi-Oh!"


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  5. Used as part of a game with Rex.

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