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This Property entry details every card that allows your opponent to draw a card(s).

All TCG/OCG "Your opponent draws cards" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Absorbing JarアブソーブポッドEffect Monster
Monster Card
Artifact Durendalアーティファクト-デュランダルXyz Monster
Monster Card
Caravan of the Ice Barrier氷結界の輸送部隊Effect Monster
Monster Card
WATERSea Serpent1500200
Number 63: Shamoji SoldierNo.63 おしゃもじソルジャーXyz Monster
Monster Card
Photon Leoフォトン・レオEffect Monster
Monster Card
Santa ClawsサタンクロースEffect Monster
Monster Card
Silent Wobbyサイレント・ウォビーEffect Monster
Monster Card
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Contract with Don Thousandドン・サウザンドの契約Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Dark Scheme暗黒の謀略Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
DueltainmentエンタメデュエルSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Extra Net召喚制限-エクストラネットSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Fiendish Fortune鬼くじTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Grand Horn of Heaven昇天の剛角笛Trap Card
Counter Trap Card
Counter Trap Card
Miracle Locus奇跡の軌跡Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Multiple Destruction死なばもろともTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
One Day of Peace一時休戦Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Present CardプレゼントカードTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Side Effects?副作用?Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Silent Burningサイレント・バーニングSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Synchro Ejectionシンクロ・イジェクションTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card

All Anime "Your opponent draws cards" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler (anime)アルカナフォースEX_THE LIGHT RULERMonster CardLIGHTFairy100000400000004000
The Big Server伝説のビッグサーバーMonster CardEARTHWarrior30000030000000800
CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer (anime)CX 熱血指導神アルティメットレーナーMonster Card???Warrior90000380000002300
Chainsaw Insect (anime)電動刃虫Monster CardEARTHInsect40000240000000000
Coach King Giantrainer (anime)熱血指導王ジャイアントレーナーMonster CardEARTHWarrior80000280000002000
Destiny Hero - Defender (anime)D-HERO ディフェンドガイMonster CardDARKWarrior40000010000002700
Fiber Jar (anime)ファイバーポッドMonster CardEARTHPlant30000050000000500
Hiro's Shadow Scout (anime)悪魔の偵察者Monster CardDARKFiend20000065000000500
Level PodレベルポッドMonster CardEARTHRock20000050000000500
Morphing Jar (anime)メタモルポットMonster CardEARTHRock20000070000000600
Neo-Spacian Glow Moss (anime)N・グロー・モスMonster CardLIGHTPlant30000030000000900
Photon Leo (anime)フォトン・レオMonster CardLIGHTBeast60000210000001100
Spirit of the Pot of Greed (anime)強欲な壺の精霊Monster CardLIGHTFairy10000010000000100
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Acrobat Towerアクロバット・タワーTrap Card
Awakening from Beyond死の床からの目覚めSpell Card
Book of Eclipse (anime)皆既日蝕の書Spell Card
Card Destruction (anime)手札抹殺Spell Card
Card from a Different Dimension異次元からの宝札Spell Card
Card of Sanctity (anime)天よりの宝札Spell Card
Chain of the Underworld冥界の鎖Trap Card
Clairvoyance透視Spell Card
Contingency Fee成功報酬Spell Card
Contract with Don Thousand (anime)ドン・サウザンドの契約Spell Card
Cross Draw of Destiny運命のクロス・ドローSpell Card
Cup of Ace (anime)カップ・オブ・エースSpell Card
Cut Jewel (anime)宝玉割断Trap Card
Cyber Repairerサイバー・リペアラーTrap Card
Damage Polarizer (anime)ダメージ・ポラリライザーTrap Card
Dangerous Machine Type-6 (anime)デンジャラスマシン TYPE-6Spell Card
Dark Illusion (anime)ブラック・イリュージョンTrap Card
Dark Shrine Bribery魔宮の賄賂Trap Card
Dark World Dealings (anime)暗黒界の取引Spell Card
Despised Reality見下した条約Trap Card
Devoted Love献身的な愛Spell Card
Draw ParadoxドローパラドクスTrap Card
Draw of Fateドロー・リセット・バトルTrap Card
DrawberドローボウSpell Card
Emperor's Staff法皇の錫杖Trap Card
Fallen Paradise (anime)失楽園Spell Card
Goblin Negotiatorゴブリンの交渉人Spell Card
Greed Pact強欲協定Trap Card
Hand of Destruction手札断殺Spell Card
Impact Flipインパクト・フリップSpell Card
Last Resort (anime)ラスト・リゾートTrap Card
Level Bondレベルの絆Trap Card
Level Modulation (anime)レベル調整Trap Card
Level Modulation (later anime)レベル調整Spell Card
Light to the Depths深層へと導く光Trap Card
Lightning Talisman避雷札Trap Card
Michizure of Doom墓穴の道連れSpell Card
Miracle Locus (anime)奇跡の軌跡Trap Card
Multiple Destruction (anime)死なばもろともTrap Card
Pentacle of Aceペンタクル・オブ・エースSpell Card
Psychic Cycloneサイキック・サイクロンSpell Card
Soul of Fire (anime)ファイヤー・ソウルSpell Card
Space Fieldコズミック・フロンティアSpell Card
Summon Passサモン・パスSpell Card
Tempt to the Crystal宝玉の導きSpell Card
Zombie's Jewelゾンビの宝石Trap Card

All Manga "Your opponent draws cards" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Card of Sanctity (manga)天よりの宝札Spell Card
Celestial Bell Tower天輪鐘楼Spell Card
Champion's Ambition王者の覇気Trap Card
Dark Bribe (manga)魔宮の賄賂Trap Card
Duel (card)デュエルSpell Card
Heaven's Lost Property天の落とし物Spell Card
Michizure of Doom (manga)墓穴の道連れSpell Card
Mokusatsu目殺Trap Card
Spellbook Inside the Pot壺の中の魔術書Spell Card

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