Reason for Challenge

After failing to get his hands on a limited-edition G-Shock, Shoutarou steals Honda's watch. Yugi then notices that Shoutarou has Honda's G-Shock and tries to get it back, only to be beaten by Shoutarou. Yami Yugi then appears and challenges Shoutarou to a Shadow Game.


  • The game will be played using Honda's G-Shock.
  • A cuckoo bird will pop out with the G-Shock in stopwatch mode, and the stopwatch running.
  • The player who stops the clock closest to 10 seconds wins.
  • If the time exceeds 10 seconds the bird will take the watch away, and a pendulum swigns down at exactly 10 seconds, which will hit the player if they don't retreat fast enough.
  • If Shoutarou wins he can claim ownership of the watch.
  • If Yugi wins the watch is returned to Honda.

The game

  • Shoutarou goes first and stops the watch at 00:09.35.
  • Shoutarou notices that a pendulum swings down at 10 seconds.
  • Yugi stops the watch at 00:09.95.
  • Shoutarou wants another round, and Yugi agrees. Shoutarou deduces that Yugi's position gives him advantage by letting him dodge the pendulum quicker, so he asks to switches places this time.
  • Shoutarou realizes the pendulum is coming from the wrong side as last time. Thinking about it makes him unable to retreat in time to dodge the pendulum.
  • Shoutarou's hand is broken by the pendulum, thus he loses.
  • Yugi takes the watch back, but Shoutarou refuses to let it go. Shoutarou is then subjected to a Penalty Game.

Penalty Game

Shoutarou's features start to become watch-like, with his watches melding with his arm, his injured hand revealing gears found in a clock, and his eye even resembling a clock's face.

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