Reason for Challenge

In order to secure her place as the top in a popularity contest, Kaoruko ambushes Miho and knocks her out so that Miho would be disqualified. Yugi finds a rose petal nearby at the scene and finds out that Kaoruko did it. Yami Yugi then challenges Kaoruko to a Shadow Game.


  • Players take turns taking out one to three roses that Kaoruko has.
  • The player who takes the last rose loses.

The game

  • Yugi takes one rose.
  • Kaoruko takes two roses.
  • Yugi takes another rose.
  • Kaoruko takes one rose.
  • The game progresses until there are seven roses left.
  • Yugi takes one rose.
  • Kaoruko takes one rose.
  • Yugi takes one rose.
  • Kaoruko takes three roses, and claims that she has won.
  • Yugi then takes the rose in Kaoruko's hair, saying that it did not specify that the roses should be from the bouquet.

Penalty Game

Kaoruko sees herself as an aged woman. Snakes then wrap around her wrists. It is unknown what happens later, but Kaoruko withdraws from the competition shortly after.

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