Yami Yugi vs. Hiyama

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Reason for Challenge

Hiyama has been treating people like animals, whipping them and giving them no respect. Yami Yugi then appears and challenges Hiyama to a Shadow Game.


  • Both players' Digital Pets will do battle.
  • The player whose Pet survives wins.

The game

  • Yugi's Pet, U2, takes the first hit.
  • Hiyama's Pet grabs hold of U2.
  • U2 reveals its new ability, turning red and burning with fire.
  • U2 knocks out Hiyama's Pet with ease.
  • Hiyama whips his Pet several times, only to have it turn against him.
  • Hiyama gets "eaten" by his own Pet. In reality, he just falls unconscious. No Penalty Game needed.

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