Reason for Challenge

After discovering that Dr. Goyou is not taking care of the patients and is, instead, slacking off, Yami Yugi records the doctor's conversation on his joining of the golf competition and challenges the doctor to a Shadow Game.


  • The game is a game of golf in the hospital's facilities. The hole is the Nurse Centre located several floors below.
  • Goyou will be using his golf club, while Yugi uses a stethoscope as a slingshot in replacement of his golf club.
  • If Goyou wins, he will get the tape with his recorded conversation.
  • If Yugi wins, Goyou's acts will be exposed.

The game

  • Goyou strikes the ball and it travels down the corridor.
  • Yugi fires the ball and it bounces around the corridor and into a room.
  • Goyou continues and he reaches the Nurse Centre. He is about to finish when Yugi's ball rolls out of the door.
  • Yugi reveals that the ball went down a mail drop and into the Nurse Centre, so it was a hole in one for him.
  • Goyou tries to attack Yugi with his golf club. Yugi dodges and inflicts a Penalty Game on Goyou.

Penalty Game

Dr. Goyou starts seeing the dead spirits of the people who have died because of his laziness.

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