Reason for Challenge

During a visit to an amusement park, Anzu is trapped in a car on a ferris wheel when an evacuation takes place. The bomber plays a "game" with the cops, with the people's lives at stake. Yami Yugi decides to take on the bomber's "game" in the cops' place.


  • The player may release a colored balloon. A ferris wheel car will be detonated depending on the balloon's color.
  • If the player finds the color that corresponds to Anzu's car (#3), Anzu survives, but all the other bombs will be detonated.
  • If the player cannot find the color within 15 minutes, gets the wrong answer, or detonates a car with a passenger, then Anzu's car is detonated.

The game

  • A white balloon is released and car #1 is detonated.
  • Yugi asks a staff member and discovers that the cars are all identical, aside from their number.
  • Yugi releases a yellow balloon. Car #10 is detonated.
  • Yugi releases a pink balloon. Car #4 is detonated.
  • Yugi realizes that the colors may correspond to the locations of the numbers on a clock. He checks the amusement park's flower clock, and answers the color to car #3: blue.
  • The bomber wants to end the game, but Yugi continues with another game.
  • This time, Yugi specifies the bomb's location and the bomber must guess where it is.
  • Yugi releases a white balloon. As it is already in the afternoon, car #13 (1pm = 1300 hrs on the 24 hour clock) is to be detonated.
  • Yugi concludes that the bomber is in car #13, but the bomber decides to detonate Anzu's car instead. Yugi then subjects the bomber to a Penalty Game.

Penalty Game

A bomb appears in the bomber's car, #13. In a desperate attempt to save himself, the bomber jumps out of the car. Shortly afterwards, he is arrested.

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