This article describes the appearance of Yami Yugi in storylines that are not part of the main continuity in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, first series anime or second series anime.


Bobobobo Bobobo

In one chapter of this manga, Yami Yugi has a cameo where he pops out of Bo-bobo's afro and summons Slifer The Sky Dragon. This scene was drawn by Kazuki Takahashi.



The first 3 parts of the Yu-Gi-Oh! novel are based on early manga storylines.

Its fourth storyline is original to the novel. Two weeks after Yugi's battle with Kaiba in Death-T, Yugi gets a call from Kaiba, who tells him to meet for game of Duel Monsters at the top floor of KaibaCorp. Yugi accepts, and when the Duel begins, they use a special variation called the "Bingo Rule," which prevents the used of a specific card in each player's Deck. Kaiba seems to be himself, but plays a different trump card, the "Automatic Giant".

Mokuba stumbles in on them, and tells Dark Yugi that Kaiba has not yet awoken from his catatonic state. It turns out that the Kaiba that Yugi is playing against is a Cyber Kaiba, controlled by the KaibaCorp computer, and using all of Kaiba's memories.

Dark Yugi defeats the "Automatic Giant" and Kaiba with a card called "The Unknown Egg", restoring everything to normal.


Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie


Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Poster!

Seto Kaiba steals the card "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from Shougo Aoyama, to force Yugi to duel him in a game of Duel Monsters.

Dark Yugi duels Seto Kaiba with Shouga's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", but refuses to play it until Shougo gains the courage to duel. Shouga finally gains the courage and Yugi Summons "Red-Eyes" and fuses it with "Meteor Dragon", Summoning "Meteor Black Dragon". He uses "Meteor Black Dragon" to destroy Kaiba's 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which are bound together with "Wicked Chain", winning the Duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie Pyramid of Light


Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light!

Yugi is invited to a Duel against Seto Kaiba.

Kaiba forces Yami Yugi to Summon the Egyptian Gods with a card called Obligatory Summon and then uses the card "Pyramid of Light" to remove them from play. Kaiba attempts to destroy "Pyramid of Light", with "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", but Anubis, who had planted the card on Kaiba refuses to let this happen. He emerges from the ground, tosses Kaiba aside and continues the Duel in his place, to get his own revenge on the Pharaoh. Anubis forces Yugi inside the Millennium Puzzle, leaving Yami to continue the Duel by himself.

Anubis brings out "Andro Sphinx" and "Sphinx Teleia". Yami uses "Monster Reborn" on "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", which he uses to destroy "Pyramid of Light". This causes the 2 Sphinxes to merge into "Theinen the Great Sphinx". Yami Yugi uses "Reverse of Reverse" to activate Kaiba's "Return from the Different Dimension" to Special Summon the Egyptian Gods. He then Tributes Ra and Slifer to use Obelisk's effect, destroying "Theinen" and droping Anubis' Life Points to 0.

After Anubis defeat, a monster emerges from the Pyramid of Light. Seto Kaiba gives Yugi, "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" to use against the monster. Yugi and Yami Yugi together Summon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and defeat the monster with it.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Yami Yugi DVD Cover!

Yugi suffers nightmares where Yami is being captured by a giant monster. These nightmares cause the Millennium Puzzle to act strange.

Joey Wheeler won his friends a trip to India. This resulted in them meeting Alex Brisbane, who took them to the Pyramid of Alexander the Great, after their plane crash-landed. Here Brisbane transports them to another world, where Duel Monsters creatures are real.

Yugi gets split up from his friends after they're ambushed by a number of Gokibore and a Kamakiriman. Yami Yugi comes out to help Yugi. He accidentally touches a capsule, which causes Celtic Guardian to appear. Yami uses Celtic Guardian to defeat Kamakiriman.

During his adventures in the Capsule Monsters world, he and his friends had to complete various challenges. And during these tasks, he collected an assortment of monsters to aid him on his journey such as Hinotama Soul, Kuriboh, Dark Magician (who in Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monsters Episode 8, evolved into Magician of Black Chaos), and Black Luster Soldier. He eventually completed all the tasks and was ready to take on Alexander Brisbane. He defeated him and won the challenge.

In episode 1, 4, and 10, Yami Yugi shows some physical abilities of leaping, agility, balancing, and durability (for a short period of time), when he crosses a sandstorm in episode 5.

Video games

7 Trials to Glory


Yami Yugi in 7 Trials to Glory.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship 2005, Yami Yugi is unlocked as an opponent after the player has obtained a copy of every card featured in the game. He can be found at various locations, and once defeated, he will disappear and you must search for him on another day.

Jump Super Stars


Yami Yugi in Jump Ultimate Stars.

In Jump Super Stars and it's sequel Jump Ultimate Stars, Yami Yugi is a playable character. In the game Yami Yugi attacks with various duel monster cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM


Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, Yugi is your guide who leads you through the beginning of the game and occasionally duels you. He also appears during transition screens, giving you tips as the game loads.