The Duel between Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura took place during Battle City. It was determined by an Ultimate Bingo Machine developed by KaibaCorp. It was the first duel that happened in the semi-finals.

Before the duel took place, Yami Yugi noticed Bakura's expression was vicious, and realized the evil Bakura (Yami Bakura) had taken over.

When they got to the top of the blimp, Marik Ishtar, pretending to be an innocent duelist named Namu, asked Joey (Jonouchi) about the Millennium Ring and Bakura's possession. Then, the duel started.

The Duel

During the first few turns, Yami Bakura played weak cards like "Headless Knight" and "The Portrait's Secret". Yami Yugi played stronger cards like "Gamma the Magnet Warrior" and "Berfomet", reducing Bakura to just 750 Life Points, allowing him to summon his deck's most feared monster, "Dark Necrofear". Yugi, being cautious, sacrificed "Berfomet" to summon "Dark Magician Girl", then strengthening it with a Spell Card. He attacked with the "Dark Magician Girl", not realizing the true power of "Dark Necrofear" and shaving off some of Bakura's Life Points. Then, the real power of Bakura's deck came into play.

After "Dark Necrofear" was destroyed, he used "Dark Sanctuary"'s ghost to possess Yugi's "Gamma Warrior" and Bakura played "Destiny Board" to limit Yugi's turns to five. And, according to the effect of the "Dark Sanctuary", for each Life Point Yugi lost, Bakura gained them.

Yugi, however, eventually drew his Egyptian God, "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and used it to defeat Bakura.