Yami Yugi and Mako's Duel

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Yami Yugi and Mako's Duel
D-012 Dark Yugi VS Kajiki
Game details

Duelist Kingdom


7: ""Attack from the Deep""

Yami Yugi and Mako's Duel was a Duel between Yami Yugi and Mako Tsunami in the Duelist Kingdom tournament.

The Duel used an early set of Duel Monsters rules which differ largely form the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official and Trading Card Games. The terrain for the Duel was 50% ocean and 50% desert, split between Mako and Yami's sides of the field respectively.


Prior events

D-012 Meal

Yami Yugi and his friends take the bait.

Mako left fish cooking over a fire unattended in the hopes that it would attract Duelists to the cliffs, where his monsters were at an advantage due to the ocean Field Power Bonus. While Yugi Muto and his friends were desperately searching for food, Joey Wheeler caught he scent of Mako's fish and tried to convince his friends that the should take the food for themselves. Téa Gardner disagreed, but eventually everyone sat down around the food. Mako then emerged from the ocean and began arguing with Joey over ownership of the fish. When Mako saw that the others were Duelists and one of them was Yugi, he realized he'd made a big "catch" with his "bait" and offered to share his food with them.

In the manga, Kajiki (Mako) told the others about how he and his father had lost their boat in a shipwreck. He blamed the incident on pollution nearby causing the ocean to be angry. The reason he entered the tournament was to win the prize money to buy a new boat.

After the meal, Yugi and his friends got up to leave, but Mako threw a harpoon, which stuck into the ground just beside Yugi. He then explained that the fish had been bait to lure in Duelists and challenged Yugi to a Duel. In the manga, Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) had already been in control of Yugi's body. In the anime, Yugi switched to Yami Yugi at this point and accepted.

Yugi's side of the field consisted of the desert terrain, while Mako's consisted of the ocean.

The Duel

Mako's turn
Mako Summoned "Fiend Kraken" in Attack Mode in the ocean (ATK: 1200 → 1560). It hid itself under the water.
Yami's turn
Yami Summoned "Horn Imp" in Attack Mode (ATK: 1300). He then noticed that Mako's monster was not visible, making him unable to attack it.
Mako's turn
D-013 Sea Stealth Attack

The "sea stealth attack".

Mako got "Fiend Kraken" to emerge from the water, attack and destroy "Horn Imp" (Yami: 2000 → 1740 Life Points) and then retreat back into the water. He described this technique as his "sea stealth attack".
Mako's turn
Mako was familiar with how "Feral Imp" could be used for lightning-based attacks. To combat this, he played "Jellyfish" in Defense Mode (DEF: 1500 → 1950). In the manga, he played "Jellyfish" face-up. In the anime, he played it face-down.
Yami's turn
D-013 Absorb

"Jellyfish" absorbs the electricity.

Yami equipped "Horn of the Unicorn" to "Feral Imp" (ATK: 1300 → 2000). In the manga, he also switched it to Attack Mode.

Although Yami couldn't see Mako's monsters, "Feral Imp" used a lightning-based attack, so he was able to attack the ocean and the electricity would flow through and attack all monsters within it. However "Jellyfish" absorbed the electricity and became stronger as a result, while the ATK of "Feral Imp" returned to normal. (ATK: 2000 → 1300).

Mako's turn
"Fiend Kraken" attacked and destroyed "Feral Imp" (Yami: 1740 → 1480 Life Points).
Yami's turn
In the manga, Yami Summoned "Silver Fang" in Attack Mode. In the anime, he Summoned it in Defense Mode (DEF: 800).

In the manga, he then activated "Mystical Moon", increasing the ATK of "Silver Fang" (ATK: 1200 → 1560). In the anime, he activated "Full Moon".
Mako's turn
D-013 Wrath of Leviathan

"Kairyu-Shin" floods the field.

Mako Summoned "Kairyu-Shin" in Attack Mode in the Ocean (ATK: 1800 → 2340).

D-013 Flooded field

The flooded field.

"Kairyu-Shin" attacked and destroyed "Silver Fang" (manga; Yami Yugi: 1480 → 340 Life Points). The tidal wave from the attack flooded Yam's side of the field. Since the moon's gravitational pull affected the tide, this covered twice as much area as usual due to the presence of Yami's moon card. As a result, Yami was left with one desert zone.

In the anime, Mako then said that the fear of the sea was written all over Yami's face, just as it once was on his. When questioned about this, Mako told Yami that his father had been a great fisherman, but he had lost him to the sea. He then recollects on how he and his father had been caught in a maelstrom. Mako's father had managed to secure Mako onto the boat, but he himself got swept overboard. Although Mako never saw his father after that, he was still convinced that he was alive.
Yami's turn
Yami Summoned "Giant Soldier of Stone" in Defense Mode in the desert (DEF: 2000 → 2600).
Mako's turn
D-013 Surrounded

Mako's monsters surround "Giant Soldier of Stone".

Mako suspected Yami was going to move "Giant Soldier of Stone" into another zone to create an island, giving him room to play more monsters, so he Summoned "Great White Terror" in Attack Mode in the ocean (ATK: 1500 → 1950) and got it, "Kairyu-Shin" and "Fiend Kraken" to surround "Giant Soldier of Stone" giving it no room to move.

Yami's turn
D-013 Stranded

Mako's monsters stranded.

Yami switched "Giant Soldier of Stone" to Attack Mode. Mako was surprised and reminded Yami that he couldn't attack any of his monsters. However Yami explained that he wasn't getting "Giant Soldier of Stone" to attack any of them. Instead, he got it to attack and destroy his own card, "Mystical Moon" or "Full Moon". With the moon, gone its effect on the tide disappeared, so the waters flowed out of the zones around "Giant Soldier of Stone", leaving Mako's monsters stranded.

Yami then Summoned "Curse of Dragon" in Attack Mode (ATK: 2000) and activated "Burning Land" to destroy Mako's monsters and take out his Life Points (Mako: 2000 → 0 Life Points).

Yami wins.


Mako was gracious in defeat and compliment Yami Yugi, who said that Mako wasn't too bad himself. Mako was then left with one Star Chip, which he promised to use to start over and work to win the prize money for his boat.

Cards used

Yami Yugi
Mako Tsunami


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