Bakura And Ra

Yami Bakura during his duel with Yami Marik

When Marik (in Téa's body) later returned the Millennium Ring to its host, Yami Bakura then challenged Yami Marik to a Shadow Game; Bakura teaming up with the real Marik to vanquish the evil Marik despite doing so with evil intent and motive. Marik's Shadow Game caused the darkness to devour parts of their bodies as they lost Life Points. Bakura lost most of his Life Points but obtained "The Winged Dragon of Ra".

Despite this, Marik weakened Ra to be useless. Bakura got rid of Ra as a Tribute to summon "Dark Ruler Ha Des", thinking that no one could use Ra buried in the Graveyard but Marik brought Ra back from the Graveyard with "Monster Reborn", revealing Ra's Point-to-Point Transfer abilities to win the Duel, resulting in Bakura's destruction. Before disappearing, Bakura vowed to return and claimed that he was the darkness, vanishing with a laugh, leaving only the Millennium Ring behind. However, the clone of his soul within the Millennium Puzzle allowed him to continue existing in secret, attempting to find the secret of the Millennium Puzzle's power.

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