These promos were given away during an official tournament, it was held since October 2005 and ended on March 2006. During the six months of the tounament, a different card was given every month to the participants.

Card List


PC7-JP001 Newdoria 「ニュードリュア」 (Oct 2005)

PC7-JP002 Amazoness Swords Woman 「アマゾネスの剣士」 (Nov 2005)

PC7-JP003 Tribe-Infecting Virus 「同族感染ウィルス」 (Dec 2005)

PC7-JP004 Des Koala 「デス・コアラ」 (Jan 2006)

PC7-JP005 Reflect Bounder 「魔鏡導士リフレクト・バウンダー」 (Feb 2006)

PC7-JP006 Fear from the Dark 「闇よりの恐怖」 (Mar 2006)

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