World Ranking Promos: Series 3

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These promos were given away during an official tournament, it was held since December 2003 and ended on April 2004. During the five months of the tounament, a different card was given every month to the participants.

Card List


PC3-001 Magic Drain 「マジック・ドレイン」 (Apr 2004)

PC3-002 Hayabusa Knight 「隼の騎士」 (Dec 2003)

PC3-003 Mad Sword Beast 「猛進する剣角獣」 (Jan 2004)

PC3-004 Fire Princess 「ビッグバンガール」 (Feb 2004)

PC3-005 Jar of Greed 「強欲な瓶」 (Mar 2004)

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