Wonderous Sorcery (NTR-BP)

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Wonderous Sorcery is the thirteenth pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour, and is accessible when the Expert Cup is obtained. This pack contains special monsters and powerful warriors. It also has devious Traps/Spells that will guide you to victory. This pack is for intermediate duelists.

The 51 cards in Wonderous Sorcery include 0 Normal Monster Cards, 17 Effect Monster Cards, 1 Fusion Monster Card, 0 Ritual Monster Cards, 23 Spell Cards, and 10 Trap Cards.

Ultra Rares in Wonderous Sorcery

Super Rares in Wonderous Sorcery

Rares in Wonderous Sorcery

Commons in Wonderous Sorcery

Card List

Monster Cards

Effect Monsters

Fusion Monsters

Spell Cards

Trap Cards

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