This OTK requires a face-up "Witch Doctor of Sparta" on the field and at least 16 Special Summons to inflict at least 8000 points of Effect damage.



You need to get at least one "Witch Doctor of Sparta" face-up on your side of the field and you need an Attack Position monster on your opponent's side of the field with over 1500 ATK. Simply get "Nova Summoner" or "Shining Angel" on your side of the field in Attack Position, attack into your opponent's monster, and then go through your recruiters ("Nova Summoner">"Nova Summoner"/"Shining Angel">"Shining Angel"/"UFOroid">"UFOroid"/"UFO Turtle">"UFO Turtle">"UFO Turtle"/"Masked Dragon">"Masked Dragon"/"Troop Dragon">"Troop Dragon") until you've burned enough life points out of your opponent to win.

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