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Wind-Up Inzektor (more commonly known as Winzektors or Inzekt-Ups) is a deck using a combination of the "Wind-Up" and "Inzektor" engines to control the opponent's plays. "Wind-Up" monsters reduce your opponent's hand using the Wind-Up Loop (revolving around "Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity", "Wind-Up Rat", and "Wind-Up Hunter"), while "Inzektors" control the field with the destruction effect of "Inzektor Hornet". This Deck is also known for achieving OTKs with its quick swarming power. No longer possible as "Zenmaity" is banned since March 2013.

Play Style

This Deck's premise revolves around its consistent ability to clear the field and hand. Several other cards are used to support this strategy, including at least 2 copies of "Armageddon Knight" to send "Hunter" and "Hornet" to the Graveyard, speeding up the Deck. "Allure of Darkness", "Pot of Duality", and even "Card Destruction" offer draw power to help draw into needed cards faster. Some builds also run "Foolish Burial" to dump your key monsters, eliminating the need to Normal Summon.

This deck utilizes mostly Level 3 Monsters, allowing great synergy with "Tour Guide From the Underworld" and the Xyz monsters it grants access to. "Tour Bus From the Underworld" and "Sangan" are useful additions, allowing for quick Rank 3 Xyz Summons while providing Graveyard control, and search options, respectively.

Traps are scarcely used, as they offer nothing to the overall strategy, although some builds may consider "Call of the Haunted", as well as standard Traps to prevent interference from your opponent ("Fiendish Chain", "Solemn Judgment").

This deck features several ways to consistently Special Summon your Level 3 Monsters to begin the Wind-Up Loop, including "Instant Fusion" and "Emergency Teleport". Several self-summoning monsters are also run to add consistency, including "T.G. Warwolf" and "Spell Striker".

Recommended Cards




Extra Deck


If this deck manages to pull off its strategy, it becomes very difficult to stop. As such, it may be best to block the strategy from starting altogether. Common counters such as "Effect Veiler" and "Fiendish Chain" can stall the combo, or break it if timed correctly. Other effective counters include using "Macro Cosmos" or "Banisher of the Radiance" to block off the Graveyard, which is a key factor of this combo. "Necrovalley" and "Royal Prison" can also slow down the deck, while a well-timed "Skill Drain" can be difficult for this deck to recover from. "Maxx "C"" is a popular option, as it restricts summoning and neutralizes the Wind-Up Loop strategy.

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