Wind-Up Factory

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Wind-Up Factory
English Wind-Up Factory
French (Français) Usine des Automates
German (Deutsch) Aufzieh-Fabrik
Italian (Italiano) Fabbrica a Molla
Portuguese (Português) Fábrica de Corda
Spanish (Español) Fábrica de Cuerda
Japanese (日本語) ゼンマイマニュファクチャ
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Zenmai Manyufakucha
Japanese (translated) (日本語) Mainspring Manufacture
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Continuous Continuous
Card Number 95714077
Card effect types Trigger-like
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TCG/OCG statuses
OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited 
Facts about Wind-Up FactoryRDF feed
ActionsAdds from Deck to hand +
Anti-supportWind-Up +
Archetype supportWind-Up +
ArchseriesWind-Up +
Archseries relatedNo Entry +
AttackNo Entry +
AttributeSpell +
Attribute TextSpell +
Card ImageWindUpFactory-TU08-EN-C-UE +
Card Image TextWindUpFactory-TU08-EN-C-UE.png +
Card Number95714077 +
Card typeSpell Card + and Continuous Spell Card +
Card type TextSpell Card + and Continuous Spell Card +
Class 1Official +
CountersNo Entry +
Croatian nameNavijena Tvornica +
Effect typeTrigger-like Effect +
Effect type TextTrigger-like Effect +
Effect typesTrigger-like
English database ID9,671 +
English nameWind-Up Factory +
English name (linked)Wind-Up Factory +
French database ID9,671 +
French nameUsine des Automates +
Fusion Material forNo Entry +
German database ID9,671 +
German nameAufzieh-Fabrik +
Greek nameΚουρδιστό Εργοστάσιο +
Italian database ID9,671 +
Italian loreUna volta per turno, se viene attivato un effetto di un mostro "a Molla" (eccetto durante il Damage Step): puoi aggiungere 1 mostro "a Molla" di Livello 4 o inferiore dal tuo Deck alla tua mano.
Italian nameFabbrica a Molla +
Japanese database ID9,671 +
Japanese kana nameゼンマイマニュファクチャ +
Japanese lore「ゼンマイ」と名のついたモンスターの効果が発動した場合、自分のデッキからレベル4以下の「ゼンマイ」と名のついたモンスター1体を手札に加える事ができる。この効果は1ターンに1度しか使用できない。
Japanese nameゼンマイマニュファクチャ +
Life PointsNo Entry +
LoreOnce per turn, if an [[Card effect|eff Once per turn, if an effect of a "Wind-Up" monster is activated (except during the Damage Step): You can add 1 Level 4 or lower "Wind-Up" monster from your Deck to your hand. your Deck to your hand.
MediumTCG + and OCG +
MiscNo Entry +
MonsterSpellTrapNo Entry +
Monster typeNo Entry +
Monster type TextNo Entry +
OCG StatusUnlimited +
Page nameWind-Up Factory +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameZenmai Manyufakucha +
Portuguese loreUma vez por turno, se algum Monstro "Wind-up" ativar um efeito (exceto na Demage Step): Você pode adicionar 1 Monstro "Wind-up" do seu Deck para mão.
Portuguese nameFábrica de Corda +
RFPNo Entry +
Romaji nameZenmai Manyufakucha +
Ruby Japanese nameゼンマイマニュファクチャ
S/T ClassContinuous Spell Card +
Spanish database ID9,671 +
Spanish nameFábrica de Cuerda +
StatsNo Entry +
SummoningNo Entry +
SupportNo Entry +
Synchro Material forNo Entry +
TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
Translated nameMainspring Manufacture +
TypesContinuous +

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