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White Warrior
White Warriors
"White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer", "White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart" and "White Warrior - Fog the Treasure Shield" being used by Bolton.

  • WWホワイト・ウォリアーズ
  • WW (base)
  • ホワイト・ウォリアーズ (ruby)
  • Howaito Woriāzu (romanized)


  • Weiße Krieger


  • Guerreiros Brancos

Anime appearances

"White Warrior" (WWホワイト・ウォリアーズ<, Howaito Woriāzu) is a series of cards used by Bolton, seen when he Duels Crow Hogan. They form part of what Bolton calls his "Anti-Blackwing" Deck.

They have a theme of water-based weather in their names (e.g Fog, Hail) as opposed to the "Blackwing" theme of wind-based names (e.g Gale, Foehn, North Wind). Their names are styled in the same way as the "Blackwings" in regards to name ordering. They are LIGHT Fairy-Type monsters and focus on destroying opponent's cards, attacking directly, etc.

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