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White Knight
White Knights
Chazz Princeton with "White Knight Swordsman" and "White Knight Lancer".

  • 白騎士団のホワイトナイツ
  • 白騎士団の (base)
  • ホワイトナイツ (ruby)
  • Howaito Naitsu (romanized)
  • White Knight's (translated)


  • Caballeros Blancos

Anime appearances

"White Knight", known by the possessive form, "White Knight's" (白騎士団のホワイトナイツ Howaito Naitsu), in Japan, is an archetype of LIGHT Warrior-Type monsters briefly used by Chazz Princeton while in the Society of Light. They were given to Chazz by Sartorius. Their effects are focused on supporting one another and summoning their ace card, "White Knight Lord". All monsters of this archetype are Level 4 (except "White Knight Lord", who is Level 7 instead).

Chazz easily defeats pro Duelist Gelgo with them, and then proceeds to challenge Jaden Yuki, who ends up using Chazz's own "Ojama" cards against him. When Jaden frees Chazz from the Society's influence, Chazz is confused to see himself using the "White Knight" cards and Jaden using his "Ojama" cards. Accusing Jaden of stealing his cards, Chazz manages to swap hands with Jaden during the Duel, reclaiming his "Ojamas", but loses in the process.

The effects of these cards were later used for the "Phantom Beast" archetype.

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