A Sealed Deck Format is a format where the cards you play with are still sealed within Starter Decks or Booster Packs provided by the tournament location and staff. This type of format allows everyone the same chances of victory, since new, inexperienced players or those without money to spend on the best cards have access to the same cards as everyone else.

An example of a Sealed Deck Format is a Booster Draft, which also comes in two types of formats. The first is a basic version, where each player receives 5 unopened booster packs. Then once they have been told to, each player has 40 minutes to open their packs and build a 20-card deck using only the cards they pulled from their packs. This is the format used at Sneak Previews.

The other form of Booster Draft involves players sitting at tables in groups of 4-8, depending on the number participating, with their unopened booster packs on the table. Then when told to by the Tournament Organizer, each player picks up 1 of their booster packs and opens it, then takes 1 of the cards and sets it face-down in front of them to start a pile. After that, they pass the remaining cards to the left or right, dictated by the Tournament organizer. This continues until all 9 card from each pack has been selected and no more cards are being passed around, then each player opens the next pack and repeats, passing the cards in the opposite direction. Once all packs have been used up, players separate to construct 20-card decks with the cards they've selected.

When doing a Booster Draft, the following rules apply:

Another Sealed Deck Format is the Structure Deck Duel, where each player is randomly given a Structure Deck or Starter Deck to use for the duration of the tournament. The only thing to be noted is that some decks may contain cards that are currently forbidden, and it is up to the Tournament Organizer whether these cards can be used and to provide replacements if they cannot.

Tournament Organizers can also create their own form of Sealed Deck Tournaments. If your local Tournament Organizer is holding a Sealed Deck Tournament, ask them for more details.

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