A tournament using a Constructed Format or Constructed Deck means that players planning to participate must bring decks of cards they have constructed themselves. These decks must be constructed to meet the rules of the tournament, ask your local Tournament Organizer what these rules are to make sure your deck is constructed accordingly.

Most often, an Advanced Constructed Format tournament will have the following guidelines:

  • Decks must have between 40 and 60 cards.
  • Extra Decks may contain a maximum of 15 cards.
  • Side Decks may contain a maximum of 15 cards.
  • Decks may contain up to 3 copies of most cards.
  • Decks may contain up to 2 copies of any Semi-Limited card.
  • Decks may contain 1 copy of any Limited card.
  • Decks may not contain any Forbidden cards.

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