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A "Wetlands Deck", is a deck that utilizes Wetlands along with cards that benefit from its ATK increasing effect such as Frog, Gishki, or Ice Barrier monsters. Its advantages include the ability to summon low level beatsticks and locking down the opponent.


When "Wetlands" first came out, many players were confused by a Field Spell Card with such a specific amount of requirements. Very few cards actually fit the mold for what would be boosted. This later changed when the Archetype "Frog"s started to multiply. Prior to that only one "Frog" support, "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." would have worked with the requirements. With all the new "Frog"s under this classification, a "Frog" deck centered around "Wetlands" is conceivable. A "Wetlands" Deck has evolved into using a few other cards that have been created or dug up from cardpacks long past to have a unique mesh of "Frog"s, "Ice Barrier"s and Lockdown strategies while messing with the opponent's head through a variety of different methods.

Main Objective

The goal of this deck is usually to provide an early game beatdown and then lock down an increasingly defensive opponent through cards like "Gravity Bind", Double "Dupe Frog" Lock, or the effect of "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier". Then you can proceed to attack directly with "Dewdark of the Ice Barrier" or "Unifrog". You can also set up "Flip Flop Frog" during a lockdown or a combination of "Dark Hole" or "Torrential Tribute" and "Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord" to get an OTK.

The Main Objective of the Deck can be of two main forms or a mix of each:

LockDown and or "Annoyance" Effects

Several cards created that fit under "Wetlands'" requirements possess effects that derail the opponent's stratigies:

  • Dupe Frog - draws all attacks towards itself, with 2000 Defense your opponent will have a little trouble with it on the field. With two on the field, the opponent cannot attack.
  • Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier - prevents Level 4 and above monsters from attacking if there is another "Ice Barrier" on the same side of the field.
  • Wind-Up Snail - Bounces one Set card while face-up on the field.
  • Testudo erat Numen - Prevents Special Summons of monsters with 1800 or more Attack.
  • Penguin Soldier - FLIP effect that bounces up to 2 monsters on the field. This card can may also be Combined with Puny Penguin
  • Flip Flop Frog - Bounces opponent's monsters equal to the number of "Frogs" on the field when flipped Face-up. Can be Set by its own effect.


These all have higher than normal Attack when used with Wetlands.

  • Submarine Frog - 1200 Attack and a Piercer
  • Swap Frog - 1000 Attack
  • Star Boy - 550 with a +500 Attack to all WATER on the field for a total of 2250 alone and up to 3250 with two others on the field.
  • Gishki Vanity - 1000 Attack
  • Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier - 1300 Attack, currently with the highest ATK value among monsters affected by Wetlands.
  • Dewdark of the Ice Barrier - 1200 Attack and Direct Attacker under some conditions.
  • Unifrog - 400 Attack, Direct Attacker with resulting effect of Spell or Trap destruction if you control another "Frog" monster.
  • Ooguchi - 300 Attack, Direct Attacker.

Recommended Cards




Extra Deck


Your weaknesses include a variety of different specific situations:

  • A lack of "Wetlands", - Using 3 along with three "Terraforming" usually will prevent all but the most unlucky occurrences of this problem.
  • King Tiger Wanghu, - This card kills all "Frogs" as well as all the monsters that would be boosted by "Wetlands". Luckily, Continuous Effects, Like Star Boy and Wetlands are calculated prior to the check if the Monster is Destroyed. This limits all monsters to 200 Attack from being Summoned due to Wetlands immediately increasing their Attack and potentially preventing their destruction.
  • Royal Oppression,
  • Different Dimension decks,
  • Decks such as Six Samurai that out Summon this deck.
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh.

A list of all Current monsters affected by "Wetlands" is below:

  Japanese name Card type Monster type Level ATK DEF
Ameba アメーバ Effect Monster 1 300 350
Aquaactress Guppy アクアアクトレス・グッピー Effect Monster 2 600 600
Aquaactress Tetra アクアアクトレス・テトラ Effect Monster 1 300 300
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の番人ブリズド Effect Monster 1 300 500
Cannonball Spear Shellfish 砲弾ヤリ貝 Effect Monster 2 1,000 1,000
Change Slime チェンジ・スライム Normal Monster 1 400 300
Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の術者 Effect Monster Tuner monster 2 1,300 0
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の水影 Effect Monster Tuner monster 2 1,200 800
Dupe Frog 魔知ガエル Effect Monster 2 100 2,000
Flip Flop Frog 裏ガエル Effect Monster 2 500 200
Frog the Jam カエルスライム Normal Monster 2 700 500
Gishki Reliever リチュア・キラー Effect Monster 2 500 800
Gishki Vanity リチュア・ヴァニティ Effect Monster 2 1,000 800
Hitodenchak ヒトデンチャク Normal Monster 2 600 700
The Melting Red Shadow とろける赤き影 Normal Monster 2 500 700
Ooguchi ラージマウス Effect Monster 1 300 250
Oppressed People 弾圧される民 Normal Monster 1 400 2,000
Penguin Soldier ペンギン・ソルジャー Effect Monster 2 750 500
Performapal Guitartle EMギタートル Pendulum Monster 1 300 400
Performapal Turn Toad EMヒックリカエル Pendulum Monster 2 0 800
Poison Draw Frog 引きガエル Effect Monster 2 100 100
Prior of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の伝道師 Effect Monster 2 1,000 400
Psychic Kappa サイコ・カッパー Normal Monster 2 400 1,000
Puny Penguin 子型ペンギン Effect Monster 1 400 200
Ronintoadin 粋カエル Effect Monster 2 100 2,000
Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の御庭番 Effect Monster 2 100 1,600
Slushy フラッピィ Effect Monster 2 0 0
Star Boy スター・ボーイ Effect Monster 2 550 500
Submarine Frog 未知ガエル Effect Monster 2 1,200 600
Substitoad イレカエル Effect Monster 1 100 2,000
Swap Frog 鬼ガエル Effect Monster 2 1,000 500
T.A.D.P.O.L.E. 悪魂邪苦止 Effect Monster 1 0 0
Testudo erat Numen かつて神と呼ばれた亀 Effect Monster 1 0 1,800
Tradetoad サシカエル Effect Monster 1 100 2,000
Treeborn Frog 黄泉ガエル Effect Monster 1 100 100
Turu-Purun ツルプルン Normal Monster 2 450 500
Unifrog 貫ガエル Effect Monster 2 400 400
Water Spirit ウォーター・スピリット Normal Monster Tuner monster 1 400 1,200
Wind-Up Snail ゼンマイマイ Effect Monster 2 100 2,000
Zarigun ザリガン Normal Monster 2 600 700
Zone Eater ゾーン・イーター Effect Monster 1 250 200

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