Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha

Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha




Viz Media



Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, officially stylized as Weekly SHONEN JUMP αlpha or Weekly SHONEN JUMP Alpha, was a digital manga anthology published weekly in North America by Viz Media. Starting January 21, 2013, the magazine's name and logo were changed to Weekly Shonen Jump, and it started to be released simultaneously with Japan.

The magazine published the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga in one issue per month. Rank 1 was previously published in the magazine as a preview; later, in the 9/7/2012 issue, Rank 19 was published, officially starting the series' publication. It published the series up to Rank 25, in the 1/7/2013 issue. The publication then continued in the Weekly Shonen Jump afterwards.

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