"Watt", known as "Elec" (エレキ Ereki) in the OCG, is the second Thunder-Type archetype after the "Batteryman" archetype. It was introduced in The Shining Darkness, with further support in Duelist Revolution, Starstrike Blast, Storm of Ragnarok and Photon Shockwave, and is used by Misaki in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus.



Visually, the basic monsters of this archetype are colorful, electrically-themed animals (except "Wattkid", "Wattaildragon" and "Wattsychic Fighter") while the Synchro Monsters are based on mythical creatures.


Each monster's name starts with "Watt", and the Japanese name is a portmanteau of "Eleki" with the animal's name.


(English name)
Rōmaji Animal / Creature (English)
Japanese name Animal / Creature
Wattberyx Erekinmedai Kinmedai[1] Beryx
Wattbetta Erekingyo Kingyo[2] Betta
Wattchimera Erekimaira Kimaira Chimera
Wattcobra Erekingukobura Kingukobura King cobra
Wattdragonfly Erekitonbo Kitonbo[3] Dragonfly
Wattfox Erekitsune Kitsune Fox
Wattgiraffe Erekirin Kirin Giraffe
Watthopper Erekirigirisu Kirigirisu[4] Grasshopper
Watthydra Erekirimu Kirimu[5] Hydra
Wattkiwi Erekīwi Kīwi Kiwi
Wattlemur Erekitsunezaru Kitsunezaru[6] Lemur
Wattmole Erekinmogura Kinmogura Golden mole
Wattpheasant Erekiji Kiji Green pheasant
Wattsquirrel Erekitarisu Kitarisu Red squirrel
Wattwoodpecker Erekitsutsuki Kitsutsuki Woodpecker

Playing style

The Watt archetype uses low-ATK monsters that either attack directly or attack twice per Battle Phase. The Watts also have additional effects that activate after attacking. These secondary effects tend to restrict the opponent's ability to activate effects (e.g. "Wattgiraffe" and "Wattsquirrel"), although many other types of effects also exist. Other Watts have effects that activate when they are destroyed (e.g. "Wattdragonfly" and "Wattlemur"). Additionally, the archetype can create a strong lockdown by assembling two face-up copies of "Watthopper", which prevents the opponent from targeting all "Watt" monsters for attacks and card effects.

The direct-attacking Watts are typically the core of a Watt deck. After attacking directly, "Wattgiraffe" prevents the opponent from activating any effects, "Wattpheasant" temporarily banishes a monster, and "Wattcobra" adds any "Watt" monster from the deck to the hand. Both of the archetype's exclusive Synchro monsters are also direct-attackers. With each direct attack, "Wattchimera" returns a card from the opponent's hand to the top of his or her deck. "Watthydra" generates a Gold Sarcophagus effect: after it attacks directly, it banishes a card from your deck and then adds that card to your hand during your second Standby Phase.

There are a few other commonly used Watts. "Wattdragonfly" special summons any Watt from the deck when it is destroyed (even if it does not go to the Graveyard). "Watthopper" protects all other Watts from attacks and targeting effects; two copies creates a very strong lock, but it is only used in dedicated "Hopper Lock" decks. "Wattfox" has a stun effect with the potential to completely halt an opponent's combo, although it is mostly just used as a tuner to summon Wattchimera. Finally, "Wattlemur" prevents the opponent from conducting their Battle Phase for one turn.

The double-attacking Watts constitute an entirely different kind of Watt deck, and are generally considered uncompetitive by most players. "Wattsquirrel" permanently negates the effects of each monster it battles (even in the Graveyard). "Wattmole" destroys each face-down monster it battles, and "Wattwoodpecker" prevents them from changing their battle Positions.

Similarly, the other tuner Watts are also not typically used, since a single copy of Wattfox is easily searched when needed. "Wattbetta" and "Wattberyx" each discard a card from the opponent's hand, while "Wattkiwi" grants some very mild protection for the double-attacking Watts.

The archetype's spells and traps are very diverse, ranging from stun effects, to ATK boosts, to burn effects. Most are not used competitively, although "Wattcancel" is worth noting for its ability to negate both Normal Summons and inherent Special Summons, and the cost is easily recouped by "Wattcobra", "Thunder Sea Horse", and "Recycling Batteries". Other cards occasionally used include "Wattcube" (a permanent 1000 ATK boost) and "Wattcastle" (decreases an opponent's monster's ATK after battling with a Watt). But in general, Watt decks focus on the monsters and not the spells and traps.

Because "Wattpheasant", "Wattcobra", "Wattgiraffe", "Wattchimera", and "Watthydra" can attack directly with 1000, 1000, 1200, 1400, and 1500 ATK respectively, "Wattwoodpecker," "Wattmole," and "Wattsquirrel" are double attackers, and the support cards "Wattcube" and "Wattjustment" can drastically increase their attack, a "Watt" Deck can play quite aggressively even though it's lockdown-based. The introduction of "Wattkey" lets all "Watt" monsters attack your opponent directly for one turn, allowing "Wattbetta" and "Wattberyx" to put their effects to good use and letting the double attackers inflict twice their own ATK power. "Wattcube" can boost any of them up by at least 1000 ATK and "Wattjustment" will increase their ATK by 800 and let you draw a card if they inflict Battle Damage at the cost of the monster losing its effect. Cards like "Honest", "Rai-Jin", and "Luminous Spark" can also boost the attack strength of your Watt monsters. The cards "Wattkiwi" and "Wattcine" promote going on the offensive, the former preventing your monsters from being destroyed when they attack and the latter giving the player Life Points equal to the amount of Battle Damage they inflict on the opponent with a Thunder-Type monster. When used in conjunction with "Robbin' Goblin", you can very quickly empty your opponent's hand, especially by attacking with "Wattchimera", "Wattbetta" and/or "Wattberyx".

Most "Watt" monsters (except "Wattaildragon") can be reused by "Recycling Batteries", and all of them can be by "Beckoning Light". "Honest" can return to your hand by the same card. They can additionally be returned to the Deck by using "Ray of Hope". "Wattkeeper" will let you revive a "Watt" monster for a single turn, which you can use to attack, defend, or even Synchro Summon or Xyz Summon with.

Watthopper Lock

By Summoning two copies of "Watthopper" you can prevent your opponent from attacking or targeting your "Watt" monsters. For a first turn Special Summon of two "Watthoppers", activate "One for One" and "Mimiclay". You'll then be free to go on the offensive, locking down your opponent's options further with the archetype's different effects while attacking their Life Points directly. One "Watthopper" can also protect your monsters if it's equipped with "Heart of Clear Water", though it would still leave your Life Points open due to the nonexistent ATK of "Watthopper" if it is in Attack Position, also note that your opponent can still target "Watthopper" with effects that don't destroy, like banishing, returning to hand... and break the lock.

Suggestions of quick ways to get "Watthopper" out are with "Wattdragonfly," "One for One," "Recycling Batteries", Inferno Reckless Summon," "Photon Lead" and "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". "Inferno Reckless Summon works well with any of the "Watt" monsters because all of their attack points are below 1500, so "Watthopper" doesn't have to be your only option. "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" is a bit riskier because you have to take a direct attack in order for you to activate it, and you need "Watthopper" in your hand to make it work, but it will be well worth it in the end. The only way for your opponent to destroy your Watts after setting up the Watthopper Lockdown is for him or her to use a mass destruction card like "Dark Hole" or "Black Rose Dragon", or any card that doesn't target such as "Smashing Ground", "Fissure", and even "Book of Eclipse". You can use "Starlight Road" to prevent your lock from breaking, and gain a "Stardust Dragon" in the process, or use "The Huge Revolution is Over" if you're afraid of an opposing "Stardust Dragon" or "Naturia Barkion".

"Batteryman D" can work in place of "Watthopper" for taking attacks, as its effect isn't exclusive to just "Watt" monsters, but the entire Thunder-Type. Since no "Watt" monsters' original attack exceeds 1500 and several of them are below Level 4, it can also be a good choice to use "Messenger of Peace" or "Gravity Bind". Be careful, however, because you can easily lockdown your own attack options if you raise their attack through the above choices or use the "Watt" monsters whose Levels are 4 or higher (who happen to be the ones with direct attacks). Since "Watt" monsters can not Special Summon and swarm the field like other decks can, you can use "Kaiser Colosseum" to help make sure your opponent doesn't outnumber your "Watt" monsters.

When "Wattchimera" inflicts damage, the opponent places a random card from their hand on top of the Deck. This means that as long as "Wattchimera" continues to attack directly, the opponent will never draw a new card. Their cards will be repeatedly placed on top of the Deck, causing those same cards to be drawn again and again with each new turn.




Recommended support



  • Berserker Soul fits with direct attack.
  • Burden of the Mighty - This card in conjunction with the field card wattcastle can really cripple most of your opponents monster an can put their atk closer to your monster.
  • Heart of Clear Water - This card works like "Mist Body", but prevents them from being destroyed by targeting effects also. Equipping this to any "Watt" would be good, but it would be fantastic on "Watthopper", as its effect would protect other monsters.
  • Makiu, the Magical Mist - "Makiu" will destroy all monsters your opponent controls that have less DEF than the ATK of your monster. This is handy in general since many beatsticks have low DEF, and you can always boost your monster's ATK with "Solidarity". It is very effective against swarms of Token monsters, like those generated by Dandylion.
  • Messenger of Peace - This card makes it easy for you to attack your opponent without much retaliation. However, it doesn't have synergy with the cards that boost the Attack of your "Watt" monsters.
  • Mist Body - This card is similar to "Heart of Clear Water" in which it prevents destruction by battle however it doesn't protect against targeting effects. It additionally does not have the destruction effect that that card has which makes it more useful on the higher attack "Watt" monsters. It is most useful with "Watthopper" to set up the lockdown.
  • Photon Booster - Can boost your "Wattwoodpecker" to 2000 ATK for massive damage.
  • Photon Lead - Can help special summon "Watthopper" if you have 2 or more in your hand. Can also special summon "Watt" Tuners for easier synchro summons. During the Battle Phase, if you are able to add another "Watt" to your hand with "Wattcobra", this card can Special Summon the "Watt" monster you just searched and allow it to attack directly this turn as well, if able.
  • Recycling Batteries - This card can add any monster in the "Watt" archetype (aside "Wattaildragon"), from the Graveyard to the hand, allowing you to reuse the effects of cards like "Wattgiraffe" or "Wattwoodpecker". Using this on one of the Synchros allows them to be recycled into the Extra Deck so that you can Synchro Summon them again. You can also use it to provide fuel for effects that require a discard, such as "Phoenix Wing Wind Blast".
  • Constellar Belt - Prevents your monsters from losing their effects. "Watt" monsters are almost completely useless without their effects.
  • Solidarity - In a "Watt" Deck with just Thunder monsters, it can increase your monsters to a strong enough attack strength, boosting "Wattwoodpecker" to a 1800-ATK double attacker or "Wattgiraffe" to a serious beatstick. It's incompatible with "Honest".
  • Wattcube - This equip card is best used on a Double Attacker or a Direct Attacker. Use its effect to increase the monster's Attack by 1000 immediately because it becomes a Lingering Effect instead of an equip card that can be destroyed.
  • Wattkey - Face-up "Watt" monsters you control can attack your opponent directly this turn. Use with "Wattbetta" and "Wattberyx" to gain their effects or the Double Attackers to deal serious Battle Damage.


Extra Deck:

  • Ancient Sacred Wyvern - Every time you deal damage with a Thunder-Type monster while "Wattcine" is out, the ATK of this card will increase.
  • Stardust Dragon - "Watt" monsters rely heavily on their Spell, Trap, and Monster effects to stall the opponent. Cards like "Mystical Space Typhoon," "Dust Tornado," and "Dark Hole" can ruin the "Watt" strategy, so "Stardust Dragon" can help to protect your cards. Be careful; since "Watt" cards can't support "Stardust Dragon," he's vulnerable to being destroyed by battle.
  • Vylon Delta - This card can add "Wattjustment", "Heart of Clear Water" and "Mist Body" to your hand for use on your next turn.



  1. "Splendid alfonsino".
  2. "Goldfish".
  3. "Sympetrum croceolum, aka "yellow darter", a species of yellow dragonfly found in Asia".
  4. "Katydid".
  5. Kirimu, a legendary creature in Zaire (present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo).
  6. The Japanese word for "lemur" that literally means "fox ape".

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