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Watts, known as Elecs in the Japanese version are the second Thunder-Type Archetype after the Batterymen that were introduced as an archetype in The Shining Darkness with further support in Duelist Revolution and Starstrike Blast. As the archetype's name suggests, they are Thunder-type monsters. Visually, they're animals with Electric abilities with lockdown strategies. Each one's name starts with "Watt", and the Japanese name is a portmanteau of "Eleki" with the animal's name. For example, "Wattfox"'s Japanese name is "Elekitsune", and "kitsune" is the Japanese word for "fox".

It should be noted that the old Normal Monster "Oscillo Hero #2" is part of this Archetype, as its Japanese name contains the required Katakana (エレキッズ).

Play Style

This archetype holds a powerful lockdown strategy with extra abilities. "Wattgiraffe" can attack directly with 1200 ATK and "Wattfox" have ways of preventing the opponent from activating effects of any kind for a turn. "Wattwoodpecker" prevents your opponent's monsters from changing their Battle Positions. Meanwhile, "Wattbetta" discards cards from your opponent's hand, "Wattpheasant" can temporarily remove monsters from play, and "Wattlemur" can force your opponent to skip their next Battle Phase.

Because "Wattgiraffe" and "Wattpheasant" can attack directly with 1200 and 1000 ATK respectively, "Wattwoodpecker" is a double attacker, and the support card "Wattcube" can boost any of them up by at least 1000 ATK therefore a Watt deck would have to be quite aggressive. It would be great to also use cards like "Luminous Spark", "Honest", and possibly "Rai-Jin" to boost the attack strength of your monsters. However, be very cautious with placing him in this deck, as it will be sometimes a dead draw if you have very few Watts in your graveyard.

Since Watt monsters all have low attack, it's a good choice to use "Messenger of Peace" or "Gravity Bind - which means none of your Watts can be attacked. This isn't a great idea, however, if you plan on raising their attack through the above choices. In addition, all Watt monsters can be reused using "Recycling Batteries" or, even better "Beckoning Light" as you can return Honest to your hand. Also, since much of the archetype focuses on hand control, and many of the monsters are direct attackers, you can use "Robbin' Goblin" to further destroy the opponent's hand.

The deck can leave the opponent with very few options; "Wattgiraffe" will negate your opponents effects for a turn if it attacks directly, "Wattchimera" returns cards to the opponents deck from their hand and "Wattbetta" discards their hand too. When used in conjunction with "Robbin' Goblin", you can very quickly empty your opponent's hand upon the summon of "Wattchimera". If you do want an attack boosting card, it would be a good choice to use "Honest" and also can be reused with "Beckoning Light", which will often catch your opponent by surprise, and there isn't much in the way of your opponent's Traps Cards that can stop it.

This archetype is good in combination with the old Thunder archetype Batterymen.

Recommended Support

  • Honest - Every card in this archetype is a Light Monster, and they have fairly low attack, so including Honest can help them survive long enough to use their effects. It is also particularly good with Wattwoodpecker, the double-attacker, as you can destroy your opponent's high-ATK monster and then attack again for massive damage. But, if you're running Solidarity, it may ruin the ATK boost.
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh - Thunder King Rai-Oh is not only a Thunder monster with high ATK (something all Watts lack), he shares a Stun strategy with the Watts. He combos well with Wattchimera, with Rai-Oh stopping your opponent from adding cards to their hand and Wattchimera sending cards from their hand back to the deck.
  • Rai-Mei - This card can search out both tuners from the Watt archetype, as they are both Level 2 Light monsters. It's also a Thunder monster, and thus has synergy.
  • Beckoning Light - As every card in the Watt archetype is a LIGHT monster, this card can allow you to bring back important cards.
  • Assault Spirits - Almost every card in the Watt archetype has less than 1000 Attack Points, so discard one from the hand to make another's near average.
  • Judgment of Thunder - This card can clear the field when you summon a monster like Wattwoodpecker so you can use their effects to the fullest extent.
  • Secret Pass to the Treasures - This card can allow a fair number of the Watts to attack your opponent directly.
  • Recycling Batteries - This card can add any monster in the Watt archetype, including Wattchimera, from the graveyard to the hand, allowing you to reuse the effects of cards like Wattgiraffe or Wattwoodpecker. You can also use it to provide fuel for effects that require a discard, such as Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.
  • Makiu, the Magical Mist - Makiu will destroy all monsters your opponent controls that have less defense than the attack of your monster. This is useful even though your monsters have relatively low ATK points - many powerful monsters have low defense anyways, and you can always boost your monster's ATK with Wattcube. It is very effective against swarms of token monsters, like those generated by Dandylion.
  • Shining Angel - This card can search out all of the Watt monsters, and Honest as well.
  • Limit Reverse - Use this card to revive many useful cards. Revive Sangan for an easy search, a tuner to make a synchro summon, or either Wattwoodpecker or Wattpheasant for attacking.
  • Messenger of Peace - This card makes it easy for you to attack your opponent without much retaliation.
  • Junk Warrior - Almost all Watt monsters either are Level 2 themselves or can be cut down to Level 2 easily with cards like Level Retuner.
  • Solidarity - In a Watt deck with just Thunder Monsters, it can increase your monsters to a strong enough attack strength, boosting Wattwoodpecker to a 1800 ATK double attack beatstick or Wattgiraffe for a 2000 ATK direct attacker, without further bonuses from Wattcubes. But, if you're running Honest, it would ruin the ATK boost for your monsters.
  • Mist Body - This card can protect any Watt monster for you to have a good chance to use it's effect. In a Watt deck, Mist Body is most useful with Watthopper for having a very powerful defense that could let you use any Watt monster's effect for a good amount of time so you can perform your lockdown adequately.
  • Heart of Clear Water - This card performs in a similar fashion to Mist Body, but prevents them from being destroyed by targeting effects also. Equipping this to any Watt would be good, but it would be fantastic on Watthopper, as its effect would protect other monsters.
  • Luminous Spark - Since many Watt Monters have low ATK, this Field Spell Card will give them 500 extra ATK boost, but also decrease their defense by 400.
  • Ancient Sacred Wyvern - Every time you deal damage while Wattcine is on the field with a Thunder Monster the Attack Points of this card will increase as long as your Life Points are higher.


  • Brain Golem - It negates the effects of light monsters and if it destroys a light monster it can attack again

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