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"Nitro Warrior" and "Road Warrior" (left), "Turbo Warrior" and "Junk Warrior" (right) with "Junk Destroyer" (center)

  • ウォリアー
  • Woriā (rōmaji)


  • Guerrier


  • Krieger


  • Guerriero


  • 워리어
  • Worieo (romanized)


  • Guerreiro


  • Guerrero

Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Warrior" (ウォリアー Woriā) is an archetype of primarily Warrior-Type monsters which are used by Yusei Fudo. All of their Japanese names are comprised of English words written in Japanese phonetics followed by 「ウォリアー」 ("Warrior").

In the anime, Yusei uses a series of "Warrior" Synchro Monsters, all of which require a corresponding "Synchron" Tuner to Summon with the same first name as the Synchro Monster. In the manga, he uses EARTH attribute (baring Lightning Warrior his manga ace) "Warrior" Synchro Monsters that do not require a corresponding "Synchron".

The non-Synchro Warriors seem to work in conjunction with the "Synchrons" to easily Summon out the Synchro Warriors or any other Synchro Monsters. For example, "Level Warrior" can change its Level to make a Synchro Summon easier. "Turret Warrior" + "Nitro Synchron" = Nitro Warrior, "Junk Synchron" + "Speed Warrior" = "Junk Warrior, or "Drill Synchron" + "Shield Warrior" = "Drill Warrior". In addition, "Turbo Synchron" and "Nitro Synchron" can be used with "Junk Warrior" to Synchro Summon their Warrior counterparts.

Each "Warrior" that requires a "Synchron" follows its own distinctive color scheme and has a different Attribute. However, the "Quickdraw Synchron" can be used in place of any "Synchron" monster to summon any "Warrior" that requires a "Synchron" Tuner. There is currently no WATER "Warrior" Synchro.

Typical cards

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