• ヴァレット
  • Varetto (romanized)


"vullet" is an archetype of DARK Dragon monsters used by Revolver.



"vullet" appears to be a play on the word "bullet"; the letter "v" is commonly replaced by "b" in Japanese. It may also reference the archetype's user in the anime, Revolver, who shares a similar gun and ammunition theme in his name and the design of his mask. "Varrel Load Dragon" uses the same play with the word "barrel".

Playing style

All "vullet" monsters have the following effects in common:

The Ace Monster of the archetype is "Varrel Load Dragon", which can target a Monster on the field and lower its ATK and DEF by 500, and the opponent cannot chain anything to this effect's activation. A common move is to destroy the "Vullets" when they are targeted by "Varrel Load Dragon", and activate their effects.

"Varrel Load Dragon" cannot be targeted by Monster effects, which leaves it immune to the effect of "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", unlike other Link Monsters. To make matters worse, it can give you control of a Monster it attacks during the Damage Step, and transfer it to one of your Link Points, but it will be destroyed during the End Phase of the next turn. With "Supply Squad", "Varrel Load Dragon" becomes a powerful Draw Engine. The severe Deck Thinning that comes with running a "Vullet" Deck makes "Blasting the Ruins" a viable Trap Card, especially with "Supply Squad".

Due to the archetype's focus on destroying "Vullets", which all consist of Dragon-type Monsters, they can be used in a Graveyard Dragon Power Deck. "Varrel Load Dragon" would use its effects to target one of your "Vullets", which would destroy themselves. Not only would this hinder your opponent's strategies, but it would also increase the ATK of your "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" or "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" by 300 in each instance. The "Vullets" also replace themselves during the End Phase when they are destroyed on the field, allowing you to keep using "Varrel Load Dragon" as a deadly weapon.

Recommended cards

Official Decklists

V Jump Recommended "vullet" Deck[1]


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