Vol.4 or Volume 4 is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.

Like other cards printed early on in the game, the cards have no printed set numbers, and lack the distinctive Eye of Anubis Hologram in the lower right-hand corner of each card.

Of the 50 cards in Vol.4, 11 are unique to this set in the Japanese OCG, and all but six—"Tao the Chanter", "Water Girl", "Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper", "Fiend Reflection #1", "Barrel Lily" and "Kattapillar"—have since been printed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


The set includes 50 cards, consisting of:



(OCG - Japanese)
English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category
Acid Rain さんあらし Rare 21323861 Normal Spell Card
Ancient Elf エンシェント・エルフ Common 93221206 Normal Monster
Ancient Lizard Warrior だいのトカゲせん Common 43230671 Normal Monster
Armored Lizard 鎧蜥蜴アーマー・リザード Common 15480588 Normal Monster
Barrel Lily マグナム・リリィ Common 67841515 Normal Monster
Bottom Dweller しんぎょ Common 81386177 Normal Monster
Breath of Light かみぶき Rare 20101223 Normal Spell Card
Cocoon of Evolution しんまゆ Super Rare Effect Monster
Crawling Dragon うドラゴン Common 67494157 Normal Monster
D. Human ドラゴヒューマン Common 81057959 Normal Monster
Dark Assailant やみあんさっしゃ Common 41949033 Normal Monster
Deepsea Shark しんかいひそむサメ Common 28593363 Fusion Monster
Destroyer Golem かいのゴーレム Common 73481154 Normal Monster
Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper しにがみのドクロイゾ Common 25882881 Normal Monster
Doma The Angel of Silence ちんもくてん使 ドマ Common 16972957 Normal Monster
Electric Lizard でんトカゲ Common 55875323 Effect Monster
Elegant Egotist まんきょうれいなるぶんしん Ultra Rare 90219263 Normal Spell Card
Eradicating Aerosol トゲトゲしんさっちゅうざい Rare 94716515 Normal Spell Card
Eternal Drought えいえんかっすい Rare 56606928 Normal Spell Card
Fiend Reflection #1 アブソリューター Common 68870276 Normal Monster
Flame Viper フレイム・ヴァイパー Common 02830619 Normal Monster
Great Bill グレード・ビル Common 55691901 Normal Monster
Ground Attacker Bugroth りくせんがた バグロス Common 58314394 Normal Monster
Harpie Lady ハーピィ・レディ Common 76812113 Normal Monster
Harpie Lady Sisters ハーピィ・レディさんまい Secret Rare 12206212 Effect Monster
Hunter Spider ハンター・スパイダー Common 80141480 Normal Monster
Kaminari Attack らいじんいか Common 09653271 Fusion Monster
Kattapillar 青虫キャタピラ一 Common 81179446 Normal Monster
Kojikocy ものかりうど Common 01184620 Normal Monster
Magician of Faith 聖なる魔術師セイント・マジシャン Super Rare 31560081 Effect Monster
Mask of Darkness やみめん Super Rare 28933734 Effect Monster
Mega Thunderball メガ・サンダーボール Common 21817254 Normal Monster
Morinphen モリンフェン Common 55784832 Normal Monster
Nekogal #1 キャッツ・フェアリー Common 01761063 Normal Monster
Ocubeam エンゼル・イヤーズ Common 86088138 Normal Monster
Ogre of the Black Shadow くろかげオウ Common 45121025 Normal Monster
Petit Moth プチモス Common 58192742 Normal Monster
Pragtical プラグティカル Common 33691040 Fusion Monster
Right Leg of the Forbidden One ふういんされしものみぎあし Ultra Rare 08124921 Normal Monster
Rock Ogre Grotto #1 がんけつじんオーガ・ロック Common 68846917 Normal Monster
Steel Scorpion てっのサソリ Common 13599884 Effect Monster
Summoned Skull デーモンのしょうかん Ultra Rare 70781052 Normal Monster
Tao the Chanter おんみょう タオ Common 46247516 Normal Monster
Tongyo たんぎょ Common 69572024 Normal Monster
Trakodon トラコドン Common 42348802 Normal Monster
Trent トレント Common 78780140 Normal Monster
Warrior Elimination せんまっさつ Rare 90873992 Normal Spell Card
Water Girl ウォーター・ガール Common 55014050 Normal Monster
Water Omotics みずおど Common 02483611 Normal Monster
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 とりでまもよくりゅう Common 87796900 Normal Monster

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